1.5 Larva per cap/body

I’m going to be straight forward. The 1 larva per body has made xeno near unplayable. If you die. You pray you get near the first 5 queue spots or you won’t be respawning unless xenos get a GOD TIER amount of caps. Which is still rare.

We should move it to 1.5 larva per body so it requires 2 caps inorder to get an extra 1 larva. It will make the xeno respawn rate less…terrible and make the Queue better as well.
This is also because marines shoot marines who are being captured and other related issues which reduces the cap rate even more making it comedically hard for a xeno to even respawn.

In short. If you don’t want 2 larva per body. Make it 1.5. The current 1 larva per cap has made xeno into a state where if you don’t get a spot at the front. You simply ain’t respawning. 1.5 Will make it so every 2 bodies will give an extra. Without every body giving an extra.


When the setting was made into a config, support was added to support floats; and for a good while the amount of larva given was a float I believe but it still needed to come down.

Ultimately its just the state of balance right now that this is the ratio. As in changes making marines generally stronger, or changes making xenos generally weaker (or a shift to just expendable xeno forces instead) would warrant this setting maybe getting tweaked to help balance things.

The new queue though allows you to have an idea of how long it might be (you just need to look at the hive to see how many caps there are to know how quickly it will be moving) and you retain that relative position regardless of facehugging, admin level stuff, afking, or disconnecting (you just obviously need to be available when the next pop occurs). Before you would need to be glued to the game just so you never miss a chance to be picked.

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