2 Super Important Xeno Changes

Hello they call me the idea guy.

Remember in the first film when the larva evolved into a drone and it shed its skin? We should add skin shedding for xenos when they evolve. Nothing else, just a shedded skin on the ground.

Remember in the first film where Dallas gets nabbed in the air shaft but there’s no blood. There’s a scene in the special edition where he and Brett are being turned into eggs. I think it would be cool if drones could inject perma corpses and turn them into eggs. I know we have the egg morpher but only burst corpses can be used. This would give a way for xenos to deny gear and tech points, and reinforce the horror that they are. To avoid xenos from meta gaming when a marine is perma, and to give marines time to extract the body, I think it should be sometime after the corpses actually permas - maybe like ~15min. Imagine breaking a siege and walking back to where all your friends are only to see them halfway turned into eggs.


Pretty sure in lore to egg morph the subject needs to still be living, which is fuckin terrifying. In some sources Xenos have a neurotoxin sting that paralyzes the host for a while, or they break their skull with a mouth bite, but pull the strike to not be lethal.

However, non bursted perma be able to be morphed would probably be fine for the game though, but it might be a bit difficult with the hungry weeds.

Also the neurotoxin sting gives me an idea to make sentinel more supportive because they need some love. Give them a sting with a long enough wind up that it would only be possible to land if the human was being chain disarmed, with the purpose being to make transport to the hive easier.

Good ideas.


Neuro sting for sents to help transport caps would be super cool

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