2nd drop. Metarushes.

Staff report related. In the report DOR has said that marines have lots of time to do a second drop.

I dont know since the round timer wasnt posted if it was actually an absurd time to do a second drop.

1st . Staff. Put yourself in the shoes of the xeno players or players in general. The difference is staff usually knows when second drops happen. You guys are literally expecting xenos to do some mind reading stuff or divinition stuff to know when marines do second drop.

2nd. This second drop stuff is really getting absurd. What if the marines dropped to the FOB 12:21 but still havent made a 2nd drop by 12:35-12:40? Is this metarushing? I can basically drop all of the marine force in the FOB. Then hold the DS “”“”“hostage”“”“” so xenos cant push the FOB. Thats how bad this ruling is.

3rd. Also why are xenos still getting punished for metarushing? Didnt devs make it so that xenos cant weed the LZ till 12:45?? There must be absolutely wrong with marines if xenos can fuck them up without weeds. Also whats the point of asking devs to put that balancing in place if you are still gonna note players over it?

My proposal
Initial drop time(xeno report landing) + 15-25 minutes you guys decide. So that no one has problems.

This is an easy problem fixed by an easy solution. Xenos dont know where the second drop is. Stop expecting people to know about it. Just be realistic. Put yourselves in the players shoes sometimes.


Another "I am not happy with the outcome of my staff report and cannot make a staff report reporting the outcome of the staff report, so I am making a salty ‘feedback’ thread? For point one, if you read the report, you would know that the guy who reported it was noted for metarushing FOB futher even after the admin told them to stop, not for accidentally metarushing FOB. About point two, just ban these marines for metagaming already, I have never seen such a meta dropship hold as far as I remember. Point three, do you expect marines to not get fucked by a queen and many T3s who are metarushing the FOB with some entrances still uncaded or just having one cadeline? But yes, I fully agree with setting a timer, rounds probaly still differ and the marines should have time to build a real FOB without the xenos going “Yeah, timer over, metarush time”, but that would atleast provide some point where the xenos know that they can now begin FOB siege, based on the situation.


Catch-22. You need to be in FOB to know when second drop occurs, but you cannot be in FOB until second drop.


The rule is already clear. The issue is that staff has too much freedom to enforce and bend it as they wish regardless of what the rule states. They can deem your 12:50 assault on the LZ a metarush if they so desire. Funnily enough unrelated incidents and in-game chat complaints of a single player seem to justify staff actions now. Log timers? The fact marines have erected several layers of barricades? Who cares.
Staff has clearly forgotten the original purpose of the rule, (not to mention the fact they were going to stop interfering with quick rounds because it accomplishes nothing and turns them into a shitshow) - the only thing this was meant to do was prevent t3s from camping the LZ, i.e things like rav and boiler waiting by the dropship doors. Now it covers easily up to 12:40 and spamming OBs on the LZ because the hive’s assaulting it. Why? Who knows.
So no, rewording the rule with proper timers isn’t going to do anything (it already has a proper grace period of ensuring marines had the time to do a 2nd drop), because staff will just ignore it and apply their own judgement. Its a staff issue, not a rule issue.



bro stop metarushing

yeah tell that to the marines who always form a deathball then get absolutely wiped.
Somehow thats fine to do.

But when xenomorphs mop out marines doing a deathball and push the FOB somehow thats a rulebreak.

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