A few "light" balance changes (I am the only one brave enough to admit these (we all want them))

  • Specs: Remove them, I never get the roll.
  • Bica/kelo/MB/KD/ATD etc etc: medicine too OP reduce the healing speed to 1/10 make CM a real field hospital
  • Food: add thirst and make CM a survival game
  • Marines life isn’t hard enough, make all items have durability and need specific repairs shipside to work again
  • Medical is still not enough of a nightmare, don’t spawn in blood bags round start like that they need to look for marines to blood donate (its HRP)
  • all guns other than the M41A MK2 and the M4E3 (or however that one pistol nobody uses is called): remove them, you don’t need to balance guns if they don’t exist.
  • I forgot about xenos… Just remove them, done.

If I forgot any other NECESARY changes let me know!


About the blood donation, once baited talked a clown into donating blood and then sucked them dry using 3 blood bags hooked up to them at the same time.


classic SS13 moment


Lmao. What did you even do with the blood? The blood bags can be infinitely refilled.

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Not on CM, but some other server on which the blood bags cannot be refilled by the vendor. And to be honest, I got more blood bags from cargo to suck them even drier after putting the full ones into the freezer.