A Loader Pamphlet for the RPG Spec

So i was playing spec and noticed that sadar spec has an extra helmet and a bag for its loader and no pamphlet for it , i think it should be something like a spotter that sniper spec has. It would be good to get a pamphlet for that because it makes the things like reloading for sadar really easy and will encourage people to be a loader for sadar etc.

What should the pamphlet do? For now any other marine can load rockets.
Should the pamphlet be the training to load the M5RPG and all other marines would then be unable to help?

I think loading a rocket to an RPG would require some sort of training , no one does help to reload for sadar anyway or it can just be a sign for the loaders to identify themselves in their ID.

Being able to click on the Sadar, with a rocket and load it quicker than sadar would normally do.

Tbh, probably not a, good idea. Like at least the sniper spec has some level of interaction with marking targets to help his spec use his abilities.

We probably don’t want to bring a new sub role for a task a sadar can already get someone to do anyway.


The thing is i hardly see loaders for sadar no one really utilizes the mechanic to load a rocket from the back to reload faster. Also it would be fun to have another marine with you who you have to scream “RELOAD!” and it takes like half the time to reload and you are back in action.
Another thing is if there is a pamphlet people will be loaders for the sadar because its tempting
but this might be useless like you say another PFC+ pamphlet.

This is honestly a good idea. But i would say that the loader should get some special gear as well to specificly support the sadar. Like a rocket belt to quick draw rockets or whatever, i dont play sadar. But it would be imense if there where more “sidekicks” to specs like the spotter. Someone focosuing purely on supporting there spec. Sniper and spotter can often have a great team feeling. Having your buddy you watch out for and all that. And they knowing your always there if they need you. That would do so much for the teamplay.

All I’m asking is:

  • What should this pamphlet do that a PFC isnt doing already?
  • What gear should a demolitionist side-kick have that the spec crate doesnt already give?(Sound-proof helmet and spare rocket bag)

Because all I’m getting from the discussion is:
The PFC should have the special tag to feel special and to be seen as special by others.
The PFC should have special gear related to his/her new spot. (Meanwhile not giving any ideas to such gear)

But to add something to the discussion
What I think would be awesome is if this pamphlet would let the PFC do two things:

  • Be able to plant C4s ( Both of them could time to plant C4s at the same time and open a big portion of the area)
  • Be able to get a stack of metals and use “Rocket Making tools” and build rockets/explosives on the field for the M5 RPG. Since there isnt many great explosive chems on ground most of those rockets would be Welding Fuel ones.

The second part is obviously broken but it would be fun. I just wanted to add something hehe.

this is how it already works in game

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The best use for this would probably be to just add an icon so the sadar and loader could find each other in the chaos a little easier. Aside from that I don’t think a loader should really get much else other than whats within the sadar kit already. A backpack and a helmet helps do the job well enough. Don’t need folks powergaming the gear like you sometimes get with spotters.