Add a smaller front line mortar 60MM

Mortar, Always left at FOB needing cords and Comms to be even effective, blind firing (unless cam shell) and a big warning to Xenos and UPP to run away(sometimes bugged)

I believe giving req (2-4 req vender) or adding it as a sentry slot a 60MM mortar, that can be folded up and put on the back or in a mortar bag that fits the mortar itself (and maybe 2 shells) and can be placed near the front line (only in the open) with the same range as an X8 scope (maybe to much range)

How would it work?
First, you would place it taking 5-10 seconds once placed you can mount it like the M56D load a mortar shell and click where to fire, shooting in an arch upwards then dropping at the place of it being clicked doing a 5x5(maybe too much) Stunning anything that can be stunned by grenades this would only have HE shells this would have a slower fire rate the further away it is fired

Some plus to a 60mm 1: Would have cheaper shells and more portable ammo(maybe fits in normal bags)

2: Speed of delivery of shells would be much faster

3: No need for rangefinders to get cords for aiming

4: Better at clearing front lines of walls fast

5: It would be very portable to the front and be best used close to frontlines

6: Ares would auto-buy its shells like normal mortar shells

7: Lower damage but higher fire rate

now the downsides 1: The shell would make a whistling noise before landing(warning)

2: Will overheat like m2c if fired more than 5 times in a row in 10ish seconds(stop spam) damaging it if fired too much

3: It won’t work if it is under anything such as a roof

4: Xenos can damage and acid it, melting after it is destroyed

5: It would take a long time to set up and un-deploy it (5-10 seconds)

6: Can’t be placed 4x4 of any cades

7: unlike normal mortar, it doesn’t have 360 covings all map this has this rather has a 180 to where you face it

8: It can’t fire close to itself like GLs grenadier maybe 6x6 around it can’t be hit by fire at

Now for Xenos counter, clusters could block this 60mm stoping marines from Droping 5 shells on a poor runner resting

Would also have to stop NV from working well on it to stop Xenos from getting Sniped well thinking they are safe

Once more this is an Idea it can swap around maybe it seems to OP maybe it is weak and ends up like M56D before IFF buff was never used and coding this… Going to guess it would be a pain in the backside, Yes I know there is a good chance this will never be added but it may spark new ideas!