Add seperate queue for corrupted hive

Sometimes, you just want to play corrupted if research gets them in time. Right now, the larva queue does not take this into account. This should be an easy fix. Just enable the queue once the monkey bursts.


On paper a good idea. Friendly xeno is playing very diffrent from normal. Like Runner transforms from a flanker, to a delivery dog. Most dont do that, because most play acid runner and default to that as greeno runner. Wich doesnt work for obvious reasons.

But then you have the problem of a player dying as xeno and just imidiatly bursting as greeno. Best would be if its only one queue. But ad the option to toggel normal and special hives on and off. That would make it a lot fairer.

This makes no logical sense. You get a choice for every other faction. ERTs are their own seperate joinable queue. Corrupted hives have their own mobs.

There is no reason at all to have it one queue. Let those who don’t care which hive they choose have the option for that.

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When you code it

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In other words, you like trolling people passive aggressively. Have fun with that.

Someone would in fact need to code it.

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No he is entirely right. Someone would need to code in a seperate queue entirely for greeno hive. Have not looked at the code yet, but i’d imagine its not a copy-paste job.


Corupted hives arent a real diffrent faction though. In theory its a diffrent faction wich can chose wich side to join. In practice they are just more xenos.
Two things can happen when corupted hive joins.

    • The greenos join the USMC. This will result that both black hive and green hive will experince Xeno vs Xeno battel. Meaning that no matter wich side you joined, you will experince a similar experince.
    • The greenos betray the USMC. This means that the greenos are just more xenos. Same gameplay as if you where normal hive…

Both of these scenarios happen kinda like 50/50. Wich i have to applaud. Because that measn both betraying and cooperating are equally appealing. Good job dev team. :clap: :clap:

Greenos have a potential to do so much interesting stuff. But you cant do changes around sligth chances like that. Just because players can run around as greeno runners to supply the front, doesnt mean they will. Most just chose runner as greeno to become ravanger or lurker for when they betray.

Most players will feel cheated when they have to wait like 20 in que and then a person who just died as greeno, can join the green hive before them. Because in the green que they are still in que.

This will make most players mad. I get your idea, but the only way this could work without any damage is when its one que, where you can toggel options.

ps. There are 10 diffrent hives of wich around 7 can be made by research. So for this to fully work you would need to make 7 diffrent ques. Yes they are rarley seen but get made more then often enough to be needing there own que.

I don’t know how you guys think the queue works, the queue just hands out larva based on your time of death, the reason you can go from 1st to 300th is because 299 people who died before you can just toggle “respawn as xeno” on and replace you, not because of the queue not working properly.

(It is still a very when you code it thing though, can’t imagine this ever reaching the top of anybody else’s priority list)

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mate. I advise you to read the top of this post. Your missing some context.

What context am I missing? Nobody is proposing a complete overhaul of the queue, just being able to queue for a specific hive, and that wouldn’t cause this:

When they spawn they’re no longer in any queue, when they die their time of death is updated to be after yours and they’ll be after you in the queue.

Ahh, i think we just had diffrend concepts in our head how it would work. Thats why i completyl missunderstood you.
I thougth of two queues that dont affect each other in anyway. But if they both have the same “timer” doesnt make much sense to make it diffrent queues. Then again, migth be easier to code. Doesnt really matter if it basicly looks the same at the end.

this feel like the simple solution would be to have an option to choose to disable spawn as standard hive or green hive or both…
that would solve part of what i saw above…

issue being we can still have more than two hive? or it’s been disable?

enabeld. Just nobody does it because you barley get greenos green lit. You can imagine how little the chances are for a hive that cant be made freindly to be apoved by command.

I’ve seen corrupted hive quite a lot in my time playing, but it’s nice to hear it’s a thing now.