Add xeno Zip as a thing

ok this idea came to me a while ago when I realised that the queen’s body is kinda useless, considering to make greenos all you need is a prea body and an egg or two. adding xeno zip as a ‘super stim’ would give a use to the queens body, and by that I mean to make it you would have to royal plasma from a queen and not make royal plasma.

if you’ve read the comics you know what it does (gives the user super super human strength and speed but at the cost of making them extremely volatile and being very addictive) this would also help so that we don’t have another ‘gamer juice’ incident since it would be an actual recipe and not something the researcher “Steve ‘slaughterhouse’ jones” made which results in everyone who took it having their heart explode.

Bald queen dies early → buffed chad superhumans sprinting across the map, soloing the whole hive and pretending to be some robusto pred


simply don’t be bald queen + you get debuffs when it wears off and like a really low OD threshhold

Make the effects last as long as alacrit fruit and it’s fair

Anything where the argument has to be “just don’t be bad/new to the game” in order for it to be “balanced” is not going to get added.


what is an alacrit fruit?

It’s a resinfruit planted by gardener drones. It makes xenos run faster, and it lasts for like

A few seconds
Used to be able to stack them if you did it fast enough, but apparently that was a bug and they fixed it.
So now it’s not really worth planting anymore lol.

Point is I don’t really see this being added if it was made genuinely useful in any way, unless you had
-A very short effect time
-A VERY severe withdrawal/side effects (death or heartbreak maybe? idk. Something that ensures you CANT go into withdrawal).

So you’d need vast quantities in constant supply, and it might have to be reserved for only a few people to use, but even then it sounds kinda aids to fight against.

Marines already get superspeed and stun resistance essentially for free, since xenos can’t drag bodies anymore. The current stims alone are godly, and near impossible to fight against. I’ve seen marines run as fast as runners, on weeds, and chase xenos down to death. It’s not balanced and horrid to play against, since xenos rely on hit and run. They need to be faster than marines. Imagine trying to fight runners if they had shotguns, it’s akin to that lol.

They don’t get stunned from queen screeches, or any other stun abilities, which renders some castes like warrior completely useless. Most castes for that matter, since most SS13 combat revolves around stuns.

In essence current stims are already busted enough; if you want to introduce something like this I imagine it would be even more busted than current stims, considering it’s relative value and difficulty to acquire. But at that point balancing it would be atrocious.

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Already exists. Catechaloamine plasma from runners, lurkers, ravagers, warriors or dancers for speed, pheremone plasma from hivelords, praetorians or queens for strength/stun resistance.

Mix em together and call it xeno zip. You get MST6 NST6. Most of the lame godstims are around MST7 NST4 for reference.