Adding Bio-lock to pred gear

Why I think it should be added

I have seen many a marine flame a pred for their gear and mainly their mask, this in RP would not make sense because a human would not know how the mask works and would not have a real use for it

What it could "look" like

First off I do not mean sprite, secondly It could work like the spec gear were when you use it is locked, I am unsure if that is the actual function, but that pred could alter the gear's access thus allowing them to gift it to whoever. This would also make items such as the mask more rare to acquire and make people that just flame then take the mask less inclined to just try to kill preds for gear

Points summarized

  • Prevents players from just engaging preds for the mask and no in RP reason
  • Adds more of a "value" to the gear
  • Makes the marines less likly to be loot goblins and just steal all of the gear off a pred, thus making boarding's by preds less likely
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I don’t recall humans being able to use the more advanced pred gear outside of melee weapons and helmets.

I could maybe see the idea of a human needing to modify pred armour/helmets so they can wear them, but that feels like a lot of work for little gain.

I actually do agree that Marines can be too aggressive with looting and leaving nothing for CIC or the researchers though.

Let me just remind you of the best scene from The predator 2018

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Right so theres something called clicking buttons, and this PR is litterally removing the one of the only good thing you can get from fighting a pred.

The only thing that you can use on that mask is a binocular and thats it. Yeah it has hugger protection, but you mostly die before even getting captured cause xeno do Fear RP on you yada yada.

RP wise the mask looks scary and cool and etc, and will act as a trophy.

Also it takes more than flaming a pred to kill them.


Bio-locks don’t exist on Predator gear. Most of them aren’t trapped or otherwise immediately recovered/lost with their users.

There is a targeting system and (an assistanting) computer system in every mask that links itself to a gauntlet. Though that isn’t what restricts them from grabbing any old mask in the cupboard. A rigorous caste system does.

If you as a human get your hands on a gauntlet and mask, you should be able to learn how to use both, given sufficient time and experimentation . As it stands, you just get hurt or you fluke manage to get something working for a while until the game mechanic shocks you and the fun goes away.

If Synthetics could somehow be used to otherwise tinker with or psuedo-translate the objects IC, that’d be interesting. Or Hell, give the stuff to a Researcher and let them fiddle with it until a ‘breakthrough’ is had. That would also be a more worthwhile outcome other than the usual… worn for style points.


Yes, that would add way more gameplay for recovering yautja gear and corpses, instead of the meta “Put the body into CIC/Brig/Another secure area and lock it down, wait until a pred comes up and murderbones you”, researchers would actually be able to “research” things and bringing pred gear shipside would actually make sense.