Advanced Personal Emergency Medical Kit (Medical kit idea for non-medics)

The idea is to create a medical kit that doesn’t take up a pouch slot while at the same time being much more effective at preserving said marine, reducing the work for corpsmen and giving him a better chance at surviving alone and injured.

The kit I came up with will contain the following:
*All the EZ autoinjectors contained in the standard issue pouch
*Bandages, ointment and splints
*1 pill of IA
*2 pills of Peridaxon
*1 pill of Nitrogen Water
*1 pill of iron

This kit will allow any marine to, besides fixing their damage to some degree as per usual also deal with internal damage long enough to be rescued, will prevent the all so common tram OD without the need for a corpsman, will deal with blood loss when no food is available as well as with eye and brain injuries that would either require a corpsman or surgery.

I do hope that a dev sees this because it could change the gameplay for the marines for the better

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So a miniminimedic kit?

So more tools for solo unga

Being “solo unga” isn’t actually possible.
You can’t fight xenos in this game by yourself unless you’ve a death wish.

I don’t think OP’s loadout is exactly right, but I do think we could see improvements to infantry FAK’s


  • Making space in our loadouts for MRE’s, Bandages, and Splints instead of just assuming people will go without them or use up 2 pouches just for basic first aid or will fit them randomly into other storage spaces that are routinely nerfed in capacity to prevent carrying these items. The necessity of these items has only increased since we got FAK’s; it’s about time we actually accept they should be standardized in a single pouch alongside the injectors

  • Adding or changing one of the FAK’s (Hey maybe the empty first responder kits) to have simple drugs for treating critical patients to stabilize them until a medic gets to them.

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Put bandages in your helmet.
Also how much stuff are you trying to carry? I manage to bring a shovel, rollerbed, splints, scanner, all four refillable PFC injectors (and emergency), MRE, machete, three mags, and I have space to spare cuz I also bring a mostly empty phone bag.

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I’m pretty sure the idea with getting rid of EZ Autos and having ID locked pill bottles is to force cooperation with medics. Because that’s what they’re there for, to keep Marines in fighting shape.

It means ideally medics should be protected, rescued and otherwise preserved over your regular GI. Otherwise if you take too many medic loses, the round for marines starts to look rather salty.

I don’t think the devs want this to change. A lone injured marine is a basically dead one. And considering a lurker can kill a 100% healthy lone marine in a couple clicks. I think the devs are very much okay with lone injured marines getting the shortest end of the stick possible.

Also wasn’t Iron nerfed into being only useful with nutriment i.e MRE so basically not useful at all anymore.

Know what IFAK is? Basically that. A medkit that anybody can use

I was going for more of an IFAK kind of thing. All marines need basic medical supplies to sustain themselves.

IFAKs don’t hold pill bottles… The standard IFAK will usually have a tourniquet, clotting bandage, israeli bandage, chest seal, trauma shears, splint, triangular bandage, and gauze.

They don’t have space for twelve injectors, five pill bottles, as well as bandages, ointment, and splints.

You would need a backpack to carry all that lmao, not a small IFAK pouch.

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Yes, I do, the issue is that if I remember correctly devs are very against any kind of minimedic kit, the meds PFCs get are so they don’t have to go to a medic because they got slashed once, or got acid splashed on them, not to completely heal eye and brain damage, or heal an OD by themself, or stave off organ damage for a long period of time.


this whole thread is just powercreepers wanting more powercreep :3

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