AFK Larva Reclaimation

The idea’s simple.

If a larva does not move off the Hivecore (or move with their own input at all, to stop them from just being pulled off manually), they burrow and are reclaimed for a new person to play as.

With the new queue system as well as the reduction in amount of larva per capture, it’s incredibly frustrating for me to go to the Hive while observing and seeing a larva (or even several larva) just sitting on the Hive Core or around the Hive completely AFK, not doing anything.

The timer could be 5 minutes for example, where in those five minutes if they do not make any movement inputs (by themselves and not just being dragged off the core, for example) then the larva is reclaimed for a new person to play.


There is already afk timer and if larva is forced to ghost (due to afk), larva becomes burrowed. Timer is about 6 minutes iirc.

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