Alaric#8158 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Alaric#8158

What is your Discord ID?


What is your BYOND key?


Total Ban Duration


Reason for Ban

Not given


This is not a formal appeal. I am requesting the following information so that I will be able to file an appeal or report at a later date:

  1. Staff member responsible for ban.
  2. Reasoning / brief Justification.
  3. Duration.
  4. Evidence.

I assume this ban wasn’t applied in a disinterested manner, but feel free to correct me.

Hello. It appears the bot malfunctioned with reaching out to you. You were manager banned by harryob. This ban was placed for the reasoning “blatantly homophobic, sexist rhetoric that we do not want on this discord server” and is a permanent ban. We do not formally provide evidence to an individual’s ban. If you want to discuss the details of this ban, you may reach out to harryob, the Vice Host, or Host.

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