Alkheim - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Alkheim - Job/Role Ban Appeal

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Victor Sledge

Type of Ban?

Job/Role Ban

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Reason for Ban:

I gotta say Frost investigated this on most bare minimum effort.

I was military police and had just arrested a bravo SG who broke into requisition by breaking the window. Arrested him for damage and tresspassing few minutes later asked if he wanted a food and he said pie, so just out of sake, I paid a visit to kitchen and it was empty, but I saw the SSD chef kid named simon riley ghost (I’m serious about name kid literally was named like that) and took his roller pin to make some dough, did so and left them on ground but this kid woke up and gave me a run for it with a cleave on his hand, anyways later on I get a ticket from frost for fucking a investigation about, (I dunno since when IC issues became work of admins?) and while I deliver pie, I accidently clicked on the prisoner. Single click. Single fucking click, and punched him once, and the nerd ass CMP with gold star arrested me for assault, I literally tried to tell him it was accident and apologized and he compared one punch to one bullet, meanwhile the checking he took a look at my holster and a moment after he said, “Ah, you also violated SOP, your sidearms safety was off.” Motherf- it was LITERALLY IN MY HOLSTER and at that moment, I ragequit knowing this kind of shitstorms are just beyond me,
And when I return, I am banned for 5 hour for stealing chefs roller pin and a one punch assault, (Also perma job banned from MP) this is all very funny to me and I have been already introced to this kind of bullshit side of CM so I’m not surprised but this is literally not ok

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theres no proof, I ragequit due to nerd CMP

Probably if you’d stayed on the server and let things play out, you wouldn’t have gotten a job ban. Ragequitting just cements your guilt to any staff member looking at the situation and removes your ability to respond to any questions that might clear things up.

Of course, I haven’t checked over the logs and I’m just going by your account of the situation, but based on that alone, ragequitting seems to be the linchpin here.

maybe thats only because I did not imagine getting banned over a god damn roller pin thats not even stolen? Also which is kinda IC issue? Not to mention also getting jailed for a single punch and a made up rule by that retard CMP? Why would I keep playing if its no fun, I left that moment because I thought this kind of bullshit things wouldnt go far lenghts to job ban me and server ban (5 hour or so)

half of month and unsolved, should give yall some insights on forum

We aim to resolve ban appeals within a week of them being posted. That said there’s certain restrictions based on the team as well as the investigative processes applied while your appeal is reviewed. Making snarky posts only paints your case in a bad light.

This should be resolved in 24 hours.

Your Appeal has been accepted, and your Job ban should be lifted in the next 10 minutes.

Personal circumstances led to the excessive deplay in the appeal procress, and I do apologise for it.