Allow certain castes to broadcast a facehugger beacon

Lurker, warrior, carrier, and sentinel castes that can somewhat reliably capture and detain marines for facehugging should be able to broadcast to all playable facehuggers that they have a huggable capture so they can be easily tracked.

As a bonus, leave it on if you want the scuttling horde to follow in the wake of your lunge o clock crusade.

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no, theres no teamwork in it. You just press a button and basically all facehugger will rush to your location. Use the hivemind please.

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??? half these castes’ permatackle only works if they’re constantly tackling (and if interrupted by attempting devour eating a click then getting a 4 tackle the marine can escape). don’t tell me you expect sentinels to say “;HUGGER TO ME” five times while at 30 hp while tackling a marine

Currently you can just devour after stunlocking with tackle. You can use that to call four a hugger. Just trap them in a corner while the hugger runs under you.

Although, if any caste were to have this, it should definitely be the carrier.

Carrier dosn’t need it though, as they would have a hugger/egg anyhow. And if they don’t they wouldn’t be frontlining/backlining.

Facehuggers have hive vision, hive status, can read hivemind communication and use tacmap.

bind it to a *say

You can also type say “reeeee, facehugger here fast” into the box below chat while still tackling.