Allow character persistency, allowing marines to know other marines or remember events from former rounds

Currently, you get bwoinked and LOOC-spammed for saying things like “Hey, didn’t we talk last operation” or so. This prevents characters aboard becoming friends ICly, and generally forbids such RP. Because of that, I suggest to allow persistency for those who want to (Of course people should be able to not do that for everything, or not at all, to prevent “Didn’t you commit a crime last round? I don’t trust you - arrested”, and things like predators or anything marines aren’t allowed to know at roundstart wouldn’t be included in the “memories”). This would, again, be complety optional so people don’t get harrassed over things they did in former rounds. I think, persistence being allowed would create some interesting roleplay.


I believe it’s likely an exaggeration to say remembering other characters is not allowed. Of course in such occasions where everyone dies is a no no.

And I believe one could and should reasonably remember events if it resulted in a victory for the USCM and was tailored to omit details about the Xenos, where the ALAMAYER was not boarded by hostile etcetera.

Did it sound like “You can’t remember other characters in the current state”? I didn’t even mean that, but rather that you can’t remember any actual actions or events, of course it wouldn’t include hijack or whatnot or deads (So there happens no “And then, that warrior ripped our SL Ahmed Baldie McCrewcut to pieces!” - SL enters the room “Boah ey, I am being ripped to pieces?”) but rather things like “We had a nice talk before briefing during charly breakfast”, or “And then, we cleaned the hive’s flank while the benos were pushing the marines at the beach” or something like that.

How would hijack work because if the marines had to evac from the ship and you escaped what would happen you join next round and see normandy or alamo take off you say well HIJACK

Marines are not meant to know that Xenos can hijack ships.

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We already have a “soft reset” policy, meaning relationships and interactions can be remembered, but specifics such as hijack and other per-round “learnable” information doesn’t pass on.

You’re not going to get into trouble for talking about a previous operation, just don’t be hyper explicit like “oh when you died and blablabla” or “the colonel got hit by the dropship” etc.
If you keep it believable that you’re not explicitly referencing another round, it’s fine.

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Really? I think, some admin told me some time ago, “Remembering the personality of someone is fine, but actions or events are not”. About the mentioned things like deads or hijacks or whatnot, I don’t mean these things or predators or people gibbed or hijacks or things like that, but rather interactions you had with the character in a previous round not in connection to such events.