Allow CLF survs to steal IDs

I dunno if there’s something I’m missing, but the rule doesn’t make much sense to me. A few times as CLF surv I’ve killed a lone IO so I could steal his ID and hijack the dropship to continue my rampage on the Almayer. While the admins were more or less okay with my plan, they did say I had to put the ID back on the dead IO, even though he’s timed out.

Really, why? Even if he didn’t time out and got revived by a corpsman, I don’t see why having to go up and get a new ID is all that inconvenient. Marines go up all the time for all kinds of medical procedures, so I don’t get why keeping his ID is all that big of a deal.


I don’t thinks it that bad a rule to be honest. Just put the ID back when your done. It’s more so good player etiquette. Any sentry guns will automatically shoot them without and ID. Also good luck opening secured doors. And how many times are you going to be able to hijack an active dropship?

Iunno man, if you’re planning to leave them for dead as a CLF then there’s no point of leaving the ID behind. You’re risking yourself to be found, shot, and killed by marines, because you walked all the way back to return an ID :nerd_face:

RP wise it makes sense. If you are a lone CLF agent, completely sorrounded by marines from all sides, you would want every advantage you can get.

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I could see the etiquette argument if we were on the same side, but we aren’t. I’ve already killed him and given him a likely chance of timing out, which is already pretty damn rude I’d say.

Also, yes, sentries might shoot them, just like they shoot survs. The sentries might even break one of the legs and force them to go up and get surgery, just like regular marines. Forcing a marine to get a new ID would just be a small drop in what is currently a vast sea of marine irritations and grievances.

Presumably this is not allowed because being able to disguise yourself and walk cleanly into the CIC (IOs have access, for example) and then behead the Command structure, is not very fun for any of the potentially 100+ people currently playing Marines.

It’d be pretty weird for a CE to walk into CIC with a CLF kit. Along with a bucket on their head.

Yeah, CLF survs arent allowed to disguised themselves in the first place due to server rules. Even if they have an IO’s ID, they’d still look like a CLF goon

I think this rule was originally made so marines wouldnt powergame by stealing the CO’s ID and giving themsleves all access, to fuck with the ship. So I dont think the rule should apply to CLF survs, cuz i think their whole point is to fuck with the marines and cause as much damage to them as possible.

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So long as the CLF are not disgusing as Marines I think its acceptable. Ideally the CLF should store the ID away on their person and only flash it for opening doors.

CLF have a massive disadvantage due to the fact they are usually solo versus the entire Marine force. If some rogue CLF manages to sneak onto a DS I’d say more power to them.


ID theft and impersonation makes 1000% sense for CLF, UPP, W-Y infiltrators, etc. Even for marines, just the other night the ONLY person manning the CIC (the captain and several MPs) got gamer’d by a shipside drone with groundside not knowing for 15-30 minutes and we were forced to ID steal from the perma’d captain to upgrade IDs to reestablish CIC. Even that is technically a frickin violation. The blanket ban on ID appropriation probably just exists for badmins to simplify logs.


Yeah, that was my thought as well. CLF survs rarely survive the initial xeno siege, and again they rarely survive their encounter with the marines. Allowing them to occasionally steal an ID and go to town would add a little spice to the round. The chance of this happening would be small, so it wouldn’t become too annoying for the Marines