Allow command staff to spawn before roundstart

Have anyone thought about allowing command to spawn before everyone else does?

I think this would be pretty cool, since this would give command more time to prepare and then announce their plans once the marines wake up, so they can plan their loadout accordingly. It sucks spawning as an engi and pack up 15 C4s, only to find out you’re getting assigned to comms duty, or spawning as a PFC and picking the engi pamphlet, only to get ordered to fight at the front.

It would also give command alot more time to RP with people (like the CL, Correspondent, chef, CMP, etc) pre-drop, as this would shorten briefing and planning time.


The game doesn’t fully load until the round start timer finishes, players spawning before then break stuff.
How would this handle readying up? If you can join instantly, and not at round start, wouldn’t that just make it so the person who can load in the fastest gets it, or would you make it so you need to ready up for two different things?

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Ah, i didnt know about that, i always thought you can just spawn no problem pre-roundstart.

I suppose so, but that would probably be easier said than done, considering CM’s spaghetti code.

On the note of readying up for multiple things. I’ve thought it would be cool to have the option of saying, I want to play xeno high, unless nobody else rolls queen, then I want queen high.
Or something like the round start timer counts down, and then theres 60 seconds of lobby where OOC is disabled and you can see what role you got, on top of that maybe it will show other important roles and let you know if they were taken or not, giving you the option to switch to an important leadership role if its unfilled.