allow crates to be strapped to roller beds like body/stasis bags

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A full crate of ammoboxes would be too heavy for a light folding rollerbed.

Instead, put one of those Shiva’s baggage trains in the hangar somewhere (MT club?).

driveable cargo tug would be funny but i suggested the thing thats the least difficult to implement, could also reskin roller bed into non foldable hand truck that only holds crates

Just fulton?

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cant fulton inside almayer

Just use the trashcart or the powerloader

I thought about adding in a pallet jack for requisitions so they could move a single crate faster than they could currently pushing or pulling it. The power loader is there yes and that makes sense for two crates loaded up, but at the same time it feels a simple pallet jack like device/machine would still be use to move a single crate around quickly. More or less the medbay rollerbed used by anyone to move a single creature around like marine/xeno but for a crate/box/vending machine.

Feels kinda jokes to me that the fastest way to move a crate fully loaded by itself is to have a radio backpack and close the crate lid on the phone. Also just feels odd to see a Tech pushing/pulling a crate around because it can be faster than going to the power loader.


Unless something’s changed somewhere, my experience with trashcarts is they move at the same speed as crates

There’s really no excuse for the almayer not to have pallet jacks honestly

It doesn’t make any sense from any position besides, “we dont want to have nice things”, “it’s difficult to code and implement”, “nobody wants to code it”

Anywhere you look in any logistical environment in an industrial (hell even pre-indusrial) society, you will find pallet jacks or something basically the same as a pallet jack.


hand trucks or pallet jacks are a lifesaver. issue i see is that those things weigh a lot, so maybe backpack slot only?