Alternate Gamemode Ideas

Got any ideas for alternate gamemodes? Throw them here!

* This does not mean alternate gamemodes are currently being developed, this is purely a curiosity on my part.

A gamemode that basically replaces the xenos with the CLF. The CLF would have similar mechanics to the xenos like tunnels, the queen, and even capping.

This is mainly meant for low pop and the CLF arent expected to win like the xenos because of the simple reason that people wanna unga just like how people dont play UPP in HvH as much as marines.

The CLF would have a cell leader which is basically a respawn beacon for the CLF and of course commander. The CLF commander would have to focus on surviving and commanding just like the queen and they can get gear by calling in favors or going to tunnels and getting more guys because they have dudes and equipment in the tunnels.

To win the CLF basically have to harass the USCM off the colony and if possible take over the Aylmer. If they cap marines somehow other than just the RP opportunity if they get them to some form of command center then that marines is captured and goes to the UPP as a prisoner or other CLF cells for further interrogation and would last the same time as the normal hugged capped marine.

The main purpose gameplay wise of the CLF is give them similar mechanics as the xenos so xeno mains have some form of gameplay to still feel similar to the hive while still being normal.

If in some way this gets added i think this would be really nice because it would make the world feel more than just the USCM vs Xenos and that this was what the Alymer was meant to do. The alymer wasnt meant to fight xenos as far as i know. The fact they are fighting xenos is a freak accident since for their knowledge the chance that the colony beacon just got fucked by some drunk miner who wanted to fuck around is more possible than xenos.

Its never gonna happen and i hope i explained it well but it would be neat.


Factions except instead of squads it’d be different factions. So you might have a CLF faction, a UPP one, a TWE one, and a marine one all fighting for one goal, such as a “flag” (maybe a very valuable thing), hold a location, or just straight up TDM.

Obviously all forces would be against each other and they’d have to be balanced number-wise because CLF usually gets crappy gear.

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survs vs xenos is fun; the prelude to where games usually start, where there’s no marines and it’s just all survivors on the colony trying to fend off xenos. Gives chance for cultists to make appearances too.

Alien Isolation style gamemode would be fun too; I know they did an event for it once, but getting to play a group of survivors fighting a buffed lurker/drone hybrid would be pretty cool (also I missed the event and I just wanna do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


XvX gamemode would be fun actually


Among us game mode. Survivors need to do tasks on the planet (so they cannot just dig in behind 9 layers of cades), meanwhile they are being hunted by buffed lurker(s).


The best game mode I can think is a dedicated lowpop game mode.

Off the top of my head I’d suggest something that shaves off most of the CIC roles and speeds up the gameplay loop so the round goes for about 1 hour. Perhaps make the marines start on a crashed ship and their goal is to retrieve some abandoned power core so they can evacuate from the planet, or something.

No, I am not suggesting Whisky Outpost Redux.

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Round idea: Counterinsurgency.

The USS Almayer has been dispatched to a colony with a suspected CLF cell presence and are to investigate it; the colony itself is fully operational with miners, botanists, chefs, bartenders, security, doctors, scientists, etc (Think the crew of a vanilla SS13 station).

However, the suspicions of a CLF cell are indeed founded and there is a CLF bunker somewhere in the colony’s outskirts (the entrances could be randomized as part of a nightmare insert) with an active group of CLF operatives with CLF sympathizers amongst the civilian colonists and marines with the colonist background (non-MP/Command marines with this background will have a % chance of being selected to be a CLF sympathizer), the marines must work with the (loyal) security officers to find and arrest/eliminate the cell and it’s sympathizers.

To that end, they can review “evidence” that is scattered around the colony for hints as to where the entrance to the bunker is and who the sympathizers are and work to counter them. That being said, the CLF can recruit from anyone in the colony and even marines whom they’ve captured so even the sec officer you’re working with or someone you rescue could be a traitor.

The CLF meanwhile can either go loud and start shooting, go quiet and try to sabotage the marines and the ship stealthily, or even a mix of the two depending on who’s good at what.

That being said, WY wants the colony intact and the UA wants to keep relations with WY positive so outright destroying the colony is a no-go.

The fact that anyone from the colony or even someone on your own squad could be a traitor and there’s no way for you to know until it’s a bit too late is a great way to stoke paranoia and comes with it’s own set of RP and gameplay opportunities; what do you do with marines from the colonies? Do you stop them from deploying and keep them disarmed shipside where you can keep an eye on them, or do you let them deploy? Can you trust the intel you got from the person you “rescued” or are they leading you into a trap? The Doc ODd you, was it a mistake or was it on purpose? The GL just blew up the push, did they plan to do that?


Just having a gamemode that replaces xenos with the CLF would be something really cool because at this point everyone can fight xenos better than humans even though marine are trained to fight people.


I’ve got some ideas:

  • A Timed mode. Going down on an already known xenomorph infected world to activate the local nuke. Marines need to find the intel pieces that have the nuke code. Xenos are aware that the talls will come and try to get those pieces and may prepare in advance. If Marines cant activate the nuke in the time limit xenos begin amassing. The rest of the xenos are arriving.

  • Cientists are making a bioweapon aggaisnt the xenomorph but they need pure samples from their cores. There is three cores around the map and the xenos cant build more. Marines have to go to each core and drill its essence.

  • Guaranteed Pred round. Marines and xenos must compete to reach a Vault with sleeping Yautja. Marines want them alive to research. Xenos want them alive to breed Predaliens. Yautja want both Marines and Xenos dead for their trespassing.
    -Vault drops/opens at a later time like 00:30 or 00:40. At drop/open time and at each 5min later another sleeping casket opens and a Yautja can be grabbed. Limited amount of Yautja inside, based on population. The side that captures/recovers more Yautja wins.
    -Yautjas also got a win condition too besides recovering all/most Yautja. Killing the hive AND invading the Almayer through one of the dropships and activating the Almayer Self-Destruction. Teleporting directly inside the Almayer would be disabled.

I hope I’m here to see a PRED MAJOR!


First Contact. It’s literally just distress beacon, but you have first contact RP rules.


Correct take. We need to bring this back. No reason not to.


man i wish we could go back to the glory days of the SL screaming at you for shooting the “weird dog” on the way to hydro lmao


ngl a paranoia game mode. most fun “zombie” round was 2 hours of blue on blue and 5 minutes of actual zombies - having a contact induced insanity disease was incredibly fun. this could be applied to a non-deployment round with SPACE MADNESS being a real, physical issue. have affected/infected people get modified versions of the “status messages” from mindbreaker or other IC toxin messages to keep it from bogging badmins down with a 50/50% for infection from touching someone with it.


This but replace the USMC with CLF and keep the xenos, do a colony wipeout CLF event against the xenos like the nightmare insert on LVx10

I’m just going to put a quick and stupid idea out there.

Just link all xeno health together, every xeno has 30 xenos of various castes health combined, and if one dies all the xenos die.


This but with Queen so that the hive actually has reason not to let the queen die.

You can just copy TGMC crash mode for lowpop

Blob would be nuts… especially with the deadzones in the almayer

If only…

I would love it, purely by the theory of having one berserker rav going on a rampage, while the other 30 xenoes are resting on queen recov nodes, making the rav outheal any damage marines could ever output, all the while going full doomslayer on them.