angelsr - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - segrain

angelsr - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - segrain

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
Lenoox Caldwell

Their BYOND key:

What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
To start with this report I am going to clarify a couple of things, one in this report I am going to deal with two incidents which occurred in the same round, which are, a moderately heavy note that recommends that I be banned (for other reasons unrelated to which I went currently banned). and the lack of investigation made by the staff member of the second incident which was, I went and stole the money from the CL by req (I’m playing CT) he tries to arrest me and I escape, but not before shooting the MP with non-lethal ammunition that I had obtained from the black market, rubber bullets of MK2, I ran through the ship, but the CL keeps saying where I am, I am going to confront medbay and I shoot him with an M79 loaded with hirr, once that is done I reload the weapon and try to escape, failing and being killed by the CL, while this was happening in some unknown way a doctor and a MT died, I don’t think it was because of the hirr, since one of them had more than 179 damage and 3 broken bones.
After that, the MPs take custody of me being revived, and the other people who I don’t know how they died, I received a PM from Segrain, a very small text which asked me if I’m not mistaken what I had done, I answered the same shortly and then he asks me why.
I give him a little why and I don’t have any more answers from him until I’m suddenly banned, nothing that I’m going to ban you for X or Y i just got banned, the reason was: griefing /ie when on shooting spree for no discernable reason. Uncooperative when questioned, inconsistent answers, expired: 3 days,

And now i go to explain what happen to the note, there I was in the lobby pre-game the people were greeting sengrain and I wrote the next for ahelp : pr when, the only thing I wanted to say was: when pr (screenshot down here).

I did not expect an answer like most of my ahelps, I did not have an answer until the round had already begun in which he responded aggressively, I feel that it was insulting to me, unfortunately I did not take a photo of that, given such an answer so inappropriate, I responded sarcastically, I do not receive any more responses from him until him give me a note. The photo is of the note is below.


the ban: Screenshot - a46d5cb3f3c2b51e430a4c9e6d5cff9a - Gyazo

my ahelp: Screenshot - 86543dce66c3066f0ab114ad66edeb9c - Gyazo

the note :Screenshot - 14639098715a3eebe33bc33cc98af067 - Gyazo

tuturutruturt this take huuuh 11 time to got a response from a manager


I read the ahelp part, you made a meme ahelp with PR WHEN, and were issued a valid warning.
You even acknowledged it was a shitpost ahelp

2023/04/02: [14:31:44]ADMIN: PM: Angelsr/(Lenoox Caldwell)->Segrain/(Segrain): finaly you response one of my shitpost ahelp

Onto the next part:

I read all the logs when you were a cargo tech, and you were acting pretty much with low/no roleplay, and even though you and the CL may have had a valid fight, you are still responsible for the bullets you fire while doing shenanigans, and you hit some uninvolved people with the slug grenades.

No wrong doing here.