Armor can be destroyed/damaged by acid/slashes

I suggest making the armor breakable/damaged.

Not as easy as in original movies of course, but I say it should get at least somewhat damage(the thing that it can endure hundreds of slashes and acids, especially from xenos as ravagers, crushers, and queen(maybe boiler acid) is a bit too much in my opinion)
Maybe the armor could receive some permanent damage that doesn’t destroy it, but reduce the stats and change the visual of it(Perhaps possibility to add improvised metal dents to make it look epic!)
Requisitions could’ve sent spare armor, there’s a pretty decent amount of it.
It would add more hardcore to game and make the game more atmospheric(lore friendly).

god, no. losing your weapon from an explosion is already irritating enough, i don’t want to have to go up to the Almayer every 20 minutes to get new armor or have more armor sent down


Erm, no. Sounds good on paper, but it’d be ENDLESSLY frustrating, especially for people who blow their points on B12, or otherwise have unique armor (i.e, smartgunner)- it’d be a massive nerf.

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Maybe it would be good if you are able to repair armor with some sort of repair paste or whatnot, being able to fix maybe ten damages or so per tube. After that, you either packed enough paste continue fighting or you get back to the FOB, or get it frontline dropped.

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Terrible idea. Would cause major issues.

Visually… sure.

Otherwise… no. It would be a massive xeno buff.

The only way i could see it working is if you had plates that broke that you could swap out. And we already did that during techwebs. It was mostly annoying, another thing to worry about, and cluttered up the map with broken plates.

It also makes xeno damage inconsistent because you go from… fine… fine… opps armor broke… super bad hit +organ damage from having no armor on. And then we have to talk about damage changes… and blagh

No thanks


Unganite is unbreakable, stay up on the lore :kissing_heart:

Y’know . . . “your bones don’t break and you don’t take IB/organ damage until the plates break” sounds like a great way to sell it.