blacklist the word "mom" from xenos

make it so you can’t say “mom” anymore like cmooon it’s physically embarrassing to me at this point to see any xeno saying “mom”


I will just RP as a Germanic xeno and be like “Mutter ze talls are advancing der caves ja”

In fact marines should refer to Co as Dad/Mom too and pretend to be a large family


speed merge this idea (lrp to say mom as xeno)

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Saying “mommy” and having an oedipus complex is XRP and part of xeno culture tho

Always annoyed by CLs replacing “the” with “ze” and shouting “hallo” over comms and then thinking to have done enough RP for the round, so no. Just say “queen the talls are advancing into the caves, yes”

This would be like god sent

Granted, all xenos call the queen Mum

Agree. Cban the people.

I agree fuck those Americans who cant even spell mum correctly.

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Queen is a single black mother just trying to get by in a world where most of her children will be killed by gun violence.

She has enough struggles. Leave her alone.


This would be hilariously easy to code in I could do this in like 15 minutes top

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Then do it you coward

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