Boiler rework part 2: Trapper replacement Proposals

Here are some proposals for a trapper replacement that I am stuck between

New: Belcher Boiler

Belcher is a strain that grabs boiler and turns it completely upside-down as it fights close with devastating short ranged attacks. It gains a lot of directional armor and more health as it is a frontliner

Active 1: Spew
Spews the selected vomit type. 3 second windup ability that shoots a massive stream of vomit. 15 second c/d
Ability 2: Switch Spew type

Acid vomit:
Cone spray of acid + slightly weaker acid gas in a 3-4 tile range. COVERS any cade caught in the spray + gas in acid.

Slime Vomit:
Cone spray of Slime + neuro xeno gas.

Ability 3: Sinew
AoE ability that slashes and pushes back marines
Ability 4:
Buffs the selected xeno’(s) slash to have acid DOT for the next 5 seconds. Amount depends on empower level

Passive 1: Empowering Tailstab
Your tailstab will gain empower

Inspiration: Glyphid Praetorian - Deep Rock Galactic Wiki

"Grenadier Boiler" (Original replacement strain, half done)

Acid grenadier has heavy acid nades to help bust FOBs during sieges and has unique support abilities in the form of slime.

Grenadier will be given upgraded health and slightly increased speed as its ability to shoot at range is limited compared to base as there will be no zoom and will be exposed when winding up.

Ability 1: Lob Grenade
Lobs the selected nade

Ability 2: Switch nades

Switch between three types of nades, Acid and Slime

  • Acid:

5x5 acid spray with the inner spray being strong, middle is standard, and the outside weak acid. Covers cades within the inner 3x3 in acid. Primarily meant for heavy sieging but can be used for area denial aswell as the detonation period is longer

  • slime: Roots victim for a second or two, then gives them a slowdown for a few more seconds
    Weak slime: Flat slowdown. Longer slowdown than normal slime but doesn’t root at all.

5x5 slime spray, uses “slime” which is similar to acid spray but applies no damage and instead impacts mobility heavily


Inner is normal slime and outer is weaker slime. Slightly faster detonation time. Useful tactically and on the front line

Ability 3: Cone spray

Sprays acid or slime in a spray cone with limited range after small windup. Meant to be as a close range fighting ability.
Sprays instantly, but acid travels slow. Can be combo’d with slime glob.
The “Switch nades” controls what type of spray it is, so if you select slime grenades, it will spray slime, and if you select acid grenades, it will spray acid. There is no cooldown/windup for switching sprays

Passive 1: Build slime pit
Ditto as above but slime that slows applies slowdown. Does not stack slowdowns.

Passive 2: Focus vision
Similar to runner’s focus vision, slightly higher view range at the cost of slight slowdown