Bring warning tapes back

In the long, ancient past, there were diverse types of warning tapes that the personnel of the Almayer could use. There was tapes for the entire family: For the MTs, for the MPs! It was removed because of ‘lag’, but I do believe that now, with all the ‘lag’ issue much more controlled, they could make a return!

The sprites still exist in the code, they just need to be re-coded back into the game.


They’ll just be ignored, same way with other servers. You can argue that they could serve an RP purpose, but I highly doubt it.

Unless you can somewhat make it function like a platform you have to climb over then yeah, its purpose would be better. But just now marines will ignore it.

Anything that adds more tools for RP is good.


i could see it being used to mark area under work… signal hacked doors… etc…
not a bad idea maybe try to find out why it got remove in the first place?

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