Bug? Monomolecular acid doesn't affect synths

Not sure if this is a bug or a discussion, but I cannot find the bug report section anyway. I must be blind.

As boiler I got 4ish swipes in, and 3 tail strikes before they killed me. They would have went down but checking their health after I died, they had 18U monomolecular acid that would not metabolize. Now this is a very rare circumstance so it doesn’t matter too much, but the fact that it just sat there on their health screen and did nothing seems like it is a bug.

Synths don’t metabolize chemicals. You can inject a synth with 847374u of anything and it doesn’t matter. Maybe potassium and water or iron and uranium works but idk.

Oh is it all chemicals? damn, I thought if this wasn’t a bug it would be decent to have boiler not suck so much against synth in desperate situations, but if ALL chemicals act this way on synths then that would require a bigger code change. Ah, ohwell.

Bug reports go here:

As C4 said, this is not a bug.