CallMeArty - Player Report: Chi / War / Khani, Discord, Rule 1.

CallMeArty - Player Report: Chi / War / Khani, Discord, Rule 1.

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:
2023-04-15 4:30:00

Your character name:
Discord: Arty | Timber, Sap | She/Her

Accused BYOND key:
Discord ID: Chimera#5567

Accused character name:
Chi / War / Khani

What rule(s) were broken?:
Discord, Rule 1.

Description of the incident:
Due to a series of player and staff goofiness, a round experienced a hijack within thirty minutes of the operation starting. After about fifteen more minutes of gameplay, the round resulted in a Xeno Major.

Understanding that this was an abnormal round, reception was mixed. Some like myself enjoyed it immensely, and others took issue with the abruptness of it. While I get that, I believe that Chi took it too far in an extended rant that insulted multiple other players - myself included - and staff members over the course of twenty minutes. Calling people slurs for an extended period of time when a round doesn’t go your way doesn’t make for a friendly atmosphere, and honestly just takes away from other conversations when someone is typing in all-caps and insulting you for saying you didn’t mind the round.

Searching with the discord function [from: Chimera#5567 during: 2023-04-15 retard] should do the trick.

Take screenshots of everything and report it via the discord report function or DM a discord staff member for them to investigate it.

We don’t do discord reports via forum.

It was already reported by someone else and the matter was investigated and handled.

But yeah in the future report these issues via discord

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