Casanga1 - Discord Volunteer Application

Discord Volunteer Application - Casanga1



Discord Tag?


Are you over 16?


Any recent bans?


Any recent notes?


Why do you want to become a Discord Volunteer?

I have been part of CM for over a year now, and I have had an amazing time here, it just felt wrong to not try to give back a little of what the community has given to me, so I thought this could be my way of doing so.


A person posts Ricardo, is it okay?

Depends, if it’s just the face I would let it slide, but I would also tell the user to not spam or take it further, if it is the full picture or videos or anything like that it would be definitely NSFW, so big no-no, I would delete the image and warn the user.

A person seems to shitpost in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?

I would tell them to please respect the channels and ping them at the correct shitpost channel, if they continue to do so, I would warn them.

A person is posting a very low effort image in #real-banner-art-submissions, what do you do?

Depends, we may have different interpretations of what “low effort” means, but I think that in that case, instead of evaluating the effort or quality of the image I would take note of the intention, if it was for shitpost then I would probably remove the post and tell the user to shitpost in the correct channel, if the image is intended to be genuine work then I would let it pass. If I am uncertain, then I would just talk to the Discord Manager about it.

Two people are having a very heated discussion in #shitposting about politics. A person @DiscordStaff/Volunteers, What do you do?

I would tell them that CM’s Discord is not the place to talk about politics, and that their behaviour is not appropriate either, I would be also applying a mute on both users. If other users continue the discussion then I would tell them to drop it, if things get out of hand I would contact the Discord Manager and slow-mode the channel.

A person from Staff posts something you believe is inappropriate, what do you do?

I highly doubt that I find something inappropriate aside from server rules (NSFW, Heavy slurs, bigotry, racism, etc), but if it does happen that a Staff posts something that I consider that is inappropriate I would first have a talk with them to explain why I find that particular post offensive, if they do not listen to me or keep spamming it, I would talk to their manager.

A player is being very argumentative in #StaffHelp about a matter and you get pinged to deal with it, What do you do?

I would tell the player to explain the issue again to me and I would be more than happy to help them, if they’re however not being that cooperative, I would tell them to calm down and respect the Staff, if they continue to act in the same way, I would mute them.

Someone requests to be certified or be given a WL role, what do you do?

I would contact the respective Council about it so that I can have confirmation, otherwise I would probably contact the Discord Certifiers.

A CM Staff member tells you to ban someone, but won’t say the reason. What do you do?

I would ask for context, I don’t think it is OK to ban someone without knowing what they did, if they continue to press the issue, or they gave insufficient explanation then I would contact their manager.

Council members of a Whitelist are shitposting in #WL-Announcements, what do you do?

I would remind them that they must shitpost in the appropriate channel and notify the WL Overseer, if the situation continues I would mute them.

A council member is violating one of our Discord Rules, what do you do?

I would apply the same sanctions as I would do to any user, I would also notify the WL Overseer for any repercussion about their WL.

Wider Questions:

What should Discord Staff’s end goal be?

To keep things in Discord civil and to ensure that everyone can use the server without having to feel uncomfortable or targeted about their opinions or attributes. I know for a fact that letting things become toxic can do a lot of damage to a community.

Is there a case to be said for the usage of certain words, such as “nigga”?

No, not at Discord at least, it is not appropriate when talking on the server and I wouldn’t let it slide.

Is there a case to be said for staff to be “more transparent”?

Depends, but in the most cases it would be just for clarification, I do not think that staff needs to communicate why they took a course of action unless it is specially unclear for the user affected in question. Otherwise, pretty much no.

Where do you personally draw the line for 18+ content? Give some examples.:

Content that is explicit, for example, hentai, or highly suggestive content that is just soft-porn or anything of that style, it overall depends on the context.

Any additional information:

I hope I can join the team and learn a lot more from the Staff! Thanks for taking me into consideration!

-Falistia / Mark ‘Wolf’ Connors

I’m flattered you’re interested in joining my team, but you’ve barely shown any interaction with the community. The team isn’t able to assess you if you aren’t mingling with our users. This year alone, you’ve only sent 32 messages on the maincord. We’d prefer if you had more activity before thinking about letting you moderate. If you can do that, feel free to reapply!