chainsawmullet - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Blackdragon813

chainsawmullet - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Blackdragon813

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
Maccoy ‘Momfucker’ Manson

Their BYOND key:

What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
Reposted from old forums as everything on there is void now apparently because resolving things is so hard.

I was observing a round, typed one or two messages in dchat. Roughly twenty to thirty minutes later I get a PM telling me my character’s nickname is inappropriate and LRP. We go back and forth a bit with me obviously getting irritated, and my character’s nickname gets removed by the staff member.

I have so many problems with this - first of all, I’ve had this nickname and character going on 3 years, the nickname isn’t a meme, the name has been allowed the whole time I’ve had it, and for a long time I even had the character’s nickname in my discord name. To be told after nearly 3 years that a character I’ve had on this server for a long time is just randomly no longer acceptable is completely nonsensical to me, and a massive negative experience. The staff member didn’t even ask if there was a reason or story or justification for the character’s nickname, they just automatically assumed it was a joke/LRP and were adamant on removing it, even slighting previous staff who have seen it and had no issues with it by saying it simply “must not have been caught”.

Rule 1. No Erotic Role Play (ERP), erotic content, or 18+ sexual content - “Euphemisms
Euphemisms that also have a sexual meaning are allowed in non-sexual contexts. Common terms or phrases like “Suck my dick” are fine, as long as saying such is not a literal invitation or solicitation to do so.”

Somehow, according to the staff member, “Momfucker” is more vulgar than telling someone to sexually and orally pleasure you.

Supposedly the name was ahelped, I find this dubious as there were two characters online who were ACTUALLY in the round (again, I was never in the round, I was a ghost) called “Mike Quoksraw” and “Leo Bigot”, the former of which the staff member didn’t know about, which means whoever was supposedly ahelping vulgar names for some reason didn’t ahelp the most blatant vulgar name I’ve seen in a while.

As an aside, I am sorry to the staff member for being irritable with them, however I maintain that my reason for my irritation is justified.

Overall, this has been a profoundly puzzling experience, and I would like my nickname back.

That is all.





This was handled here:

Good to close.

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