Changes to blood bags

With the change to internal bleeding, I have run into trouble even being able to treat one case of blood loss. The blood bags you get are very small. it normally requires me at least two to recover someone with blood loss. and then I am out. You may be lucky and can get some from a blood vender but there is a problem with that. HC does not have access to blood vendors so they cannot refill the bags or dispense more. requiring you to bug a medic or a com tech to dispense or hack the machine respectively.
I have two possible suggestions to improve this a bit. if we are going to keep with the more internal bleeding changes then we should increase the size of blood bags or give access to medics to blood vends so they have ready access to blood and don’t run out after one marine.
What are other people’s thoughts on this?


Do you often have chemistry make you iron sugar pills and or bring food? The blood bags should be a quick infusion of blood, but the majority of blood recovery I think is still going to come from the hemogenic property in reagents (food & iron).

Iron sugar is not effective as just giving them a mre… and it makes an already congested chem line longer. If I need to ill start harvesting blood from dead bodies. Blood bags are a better route but they need to be accessible to HC since they not can give blood in the field. Also, the patient cannot digest pills while they are dead.

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Corpsman 1gallon bloodbag prep vender pointbuy option PR when?

IS + Blood bag is more than enough to get a patient from 60% to 100%
Plus if you give them an MRE it increases from 40% to 100%

if the patient keeps dying, rev them… simple ass Give EPI and rev them till their blood is stable. If they have IB clear the IB before reving. and if its a case where they are a high Prio rev, drag their ass to FOB and hook them into an IV alongside a blood bag plus MRE and IS, you will in fact get their blood up really fast.

can’t go to fob? or too lazy too?
Give two bags at once, while another HM clears IB if they have it, then give MRE + IS
as of late I’ve stopped taking IS as an MRE usually does the job 9/10. The amount of blood bags i don’t really care for as they are quick and easy to refill. Plus the blood bags having a small amount of blood makes perfect sense as the average Corpsman only has enough blood to combat blood loss, not replenish the persons blood fully.

Stupid but brilliant idea. Just get a doctor to put a bunch of blood in a container then put it in a pressurized regent canister and then you can just inject the blood directly