Character ART thread

Why would they make a toaster with that feature though? Think about it

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True, mine can be used without it.

Sir, Yes Sir OORAH

wow… You paid that much?

Mad respects for your character.

Upcoming art :sunglasses:

Can’t wait to see it! So how long is it gonna take? P.S is that in dollars btw?

No real ETA since the artist is a friend that is formally closed for comms as they prep for an entry exam to become a mid-grade artist for a videogame studio. They told me they liked the premise though and would let me know when and if they feel they have the time to do it.

not made by me


Gonna hope it’s not a scam then, 300 euros (I hope you didn’t choose the 700€ offer) is a lot

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Nah it’s not. Again, they’re a friend, and I commissioned them like 4 times before.


And you paid 700€ for that?

10 USD for this one lmao. It was a YCH.

Hey I’m going to say something and see what happens. Not real people.

Alexguinea has blessed us with yet another constructive and intelligent comment that was definitely not written just to get people’s attention! bravo!

@LilPenpusher Elf what is this?

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What is what


Pretty good for like10 bucks

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Everyone brace for impact, softgreifer but without the soft part incoming

This art is literally too big for me to simple post here, so I have to share it via Imgur.

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