Chaussettes Art Cache Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

I had a thread in the old forum in the Art & Stories board about my digital art. Some people seemed to enjoy it but I did not update it for a long time. I’m here to claim the title of first new forum artist for myself and there is NOTHING you can do about it!

Im not posting everything since the last one I posted on the old forum so if you want to see everything you can just go to my deviantArt, I’ll just post the ones I like most.

Trickster (link) Feb 5th, 2023

Sabbra Cadabra (link) Jan 14th, 2023

Perdition (link) Jul 12th, 2022

Sus Guy (link) Jan 25th, 2023

Mountainhall (dwarf fortress) (link) Dec 28th, 2022

If you have feedback I would like to hear it whether it’s something you dislike or think is done well. I will try to post new ones here if I remember to but things always go up on my dA first.


I would like to see a marine art… Like any character or your character. Thanks!


I do have an old one of my unga pfc. This was over a year ago now tho


Niceee… Adorable marine!


How do I block somebody in the forums!!!


Dunno if im gonna put it up somewhere I’m too picky about it

Catherine from Catherine

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@AGasCanister CODE RED. We have a containment breach. Send in the clowns.

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The clowns will be worse!!!

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Code pitchblack, the clowns are on the way. Because there is nothing that can win against an angry horde of clowns, we just nuke the area.

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(post deleted by author)

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missus D

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My wife from Burial at Sea

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Redrew some parts to be more 3D and realistic and fit the character more, now done


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have you drawn clowns and or mimes?

Yes but they are not in my usual style and were done when I was playing with a more cartoony style. I have done one with Harley

And another based on a getup I have a picture of called frecklez

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i love them, thank you

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i ain bout to click on any deviant type link, but i am interested in your pencil-issued gramps interpretation.

All of my artwork is safe for work so you will not see any typical deviantart type stuff on my DA

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thats neat, but it isnt what is said on the tin. apologies chief.

I’ve made a newgrounds a bit ago intending to move over from dA anyway if it’s any better. I also dont like dA because of it’s reputation.