CLF in all the slots.

What do we know about Lore? USCM almaer is actually running away from CLF, because yato is defeated.And he is already moving around the territories where the CLF began to work (for example, the CLF survivors in practice in these colonies). So my suggestion is To create more interesting RP situations, and unusual rounds, to add to a separate slot those who have seen (as a subspecies) * A whole phrase of CLF * People will be able to choose their preferred roles, and with the support of their brothers-in-arms (And not as usual, alone) to produce fights on the planet, of Early value, or the same capture of the ship with a further ERT challenge, for more interesting rounds (the SLF combat squad to capture the ship will only be at 140+ online, at 140 - a small cover squad, so that the CLF could steal CO/SO or CL, for example.They will spawn on the CLF ship (for example, with LV-624).So I suggest adding a chance to spawn this ship to all the maps, and if the ship spawns, the SLF detachment will be created.Imagine how the Marines arrive and watch the whole Hive trying to attack the CLF ship.

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While we did take heavy losses during Tychon Tackle, the operation was ultimately a success, the base was destroyed and we were just heading back for repairs and resupply, unfortunately we picked up a distress beacon on the way and had to go check it out.

The base was destroyed, but the CLF is more a community than a military structure.Where are the smugglers, where are the pirates, where are the fanatics, and where are just people who are considered dangerous criminals in other sectors.And all of this reset consists of a partially organized CLF, and that’s what partially.Each egg has too much autonomy.