CLF Nightmare insert

give the CLF a chance and remove the fog or add a gap that ALWAYS appears.

Xeno meta to just build survs so they can’t escape or survive is too lame and unfun.

20 Minutes without a way to relocate or run to a better space waiting until your cadelines fall or T3s spawn or even better, marines arresting you for subterfuge or killing you.

Even the Solaris Ridge PMC nightmare insert is 20 times better than this.

Bring back LV624 Fog Removal + River Change V2 by Steelpoint · Pull Request #4997 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub

Just don’t camp in the same meta spot and blame xeno for blocking your way out.

Thats fair enough, but making it so you don’t have a single gap in the fog essentially makes you dead when you spawn, since you can’t escape to a place that isn’t 50 feet from the hive.