[CO WL only issue] Make the Desert Eagle unmelt-able.

Currently, the desert eagle is meltable… Though the SG and M46C COs get are not meltable? I think this is something that should be fixed.

this is likely because the deagle is a survivor weapon as well

The M46C and CO SG are in fact meltable.

AFIAK, even our mateba is.

COs shouldnt ever get stunned or have their m46c/deagle/mateba taken away from them


It’s not a necessity to your role.

Don’t lose your stuff.

Actually, unless something recently changed, the mateba cannot be melted, and the vintage deagle is (as far as I know) the alt version of the mateba and arguably required for their role as it is the BE tool? I may be wrong here, but I swear I distinctly remember being unable to melt a mateba as a xeno.

It was changed a while ago. The mateba AFIAK is meltable.

We can BE with any weapon. The Mateba just makes it perma.

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