Colony Infestation Gamemode

My suggestion is this; a gamemode where players are not a rugged army of marines, but rather play a plucky colony, who is faced with an insurmountable Xeno threat. Akin to the environment of Alien: Isolation, the human players would be purposefully underpowered, and would have to play every trick they can just to survive.


Map-wise, it’d really be a matter of cleaning up some colonies and ensuring everything functions (so it can all be destroyed later).

The way I envision this functioning is that, similar to Whiskey Outpost, this gamemode would have to be voted into play by the players. Once done, the roles available for marine selection would be swapped to civilian counterparts. The round begins, colonists spawn in their respective departments, and are given some time to fraternize and interact. Xenos would begin as a relatively small Hive, stealing away colonists one by one and gradually expanding their Hive until they could properly begin to conquer the colony.

Colonists would be focused primarily on surviving, dispatching a distress signal and awaiting the arrival of the Almayer to end the round. In a way, this would be a similar experience to Whiskey Outpost, but much more freeform in terms of player choice for both the colonists and Xenos. Do you form a gang and hold out in a warehouse? Do you attempt to follow the quarantine order put in by the Director? Do you go and try to hunt down the Xenos yourself?

To avoid the Xenos being hunted down immediately, measures could be put in place similar to LV’s fog. Several areas could have a fog barrier put up to ensure the marines don’t know where the Hive has spawned, allowing Xenos real time to build up during the initial phase of making colonists disappear.

Isn’t this just base SS13?
No. Base SS13 very clearly does not actually take place within the Aliens universe, and has a much more lighthearted atmosphere, ergo it is all much more difficult to take very seriously. Watching the clown draw a .357 magnum and gun down a Xeno is not very scary.

This seems unbalanced against the Colonists.
Perhaps so, but the fun of a gamemode like this wouldn’t necessarily be winning, but rather the experiences of a player during the round. Players would leave with memories of desperate last stands, paranoia, and getting to really experience the atmosphere of Aliens beyond pure TDM.

Of course, I’m open to criticism and further discussion on the idea, this is just a fledgling concept and I’d be fine with any changes necessary to make it more palatable for potential play in the future.


Excellent idea. I support this.

This should be an event. But there’s no way a match would last longer than 10 minutes, Xenos are just way too strong, it could be ballanced if we had vents and 1 to 3 Xenos that hunt down the crew through the match. Imagine finding a body and finding out that they’re closer than you think.

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Well there’s stuff that could be done to have the match be an actual sizable round, as I mentioned the Xenos could start off as a small hive and have to expand, and a fog of war could be put up for 30 minutes while they get their bearings and start building up.

the issue is the xenos are either going to get run down by XXJOHNWOLFPACKMURDERMODE9000XX or lurkers are going to instantly give every player 6 million organ damage if you use base xeno stats

this works as an event on the event server but not as its own gamemode due to the administrative oversight required and the time you need to meaningfully build a relationship in character, this works better as an overall event idea

an example of this is the unkillable drone event for instance to imitate alien isolation, would not make a good gamemode but it can make for a good event because you are powerless - but you can still run. you aren’t entirely fucked into the ground by a runner slashing you and instantly fracturing your chest.

event server good