Corporate Liaison Clothes Vendor

The idea is pretty simple; the Liaison has a vendor, similar to the Synthetic’s snowflake(?) vendor.

It should:

  • Have all existing Liaison clothing items
  • Be ID locked to the Liaison (I’m sick of people breaking in just to steal all the clothes)
  • Be anchored and unmovable

It could:

  • Have additional clothes, such as the clothes you would find on civilians/colonists or even currently unused clothes (if any).

Why it’s good:

While the Liaison has some nice clothes available already in the wardrobe, it would be nice if there were more available options and combinations. I don’t see any reason why the Liaison wouldn’t have access to something like this.

Having it be an ID-locked and unmovable vendor will also for the most part stop random MTs (and sometimes even CTs) breaking into the CL’s office just to raid the bedroom of all its clothes which they, as marines, wouldn’t even be allowed to wear for the most part.


Add Liaison vendor, more unique combinations of clothes, stop break-ins, RP good.


A thousand times, yes. Potentially more clothing variety is always nice, and this’ll hopefully reduce the problem of marines trying to rob CLs at gunpoint and stealing their suit collection.

Also this will probably help encourage newer CLs who don’t realise the wardrobe has clothes in it to adopt their own styles of dress since a big flashy clothing vendor is hopefully a bit harder to miss.

-1 to this idea, absolutely terrible. I can’t rush the CL roundstart as marine and rob him for his skirt (i cannot be a femboy)

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I like the clothing options but not the vendor.

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