Cryosleep- Chris"skullface"Mann

hello all, its me, your favorite (or most hated) marine. I joined this community around a year and a half ago and fell in love with this game, I played most roles, and got good at all of them. sure I wasn’t the most robust marine, or the fastest builder. but if you needed a decent person at any role, I feel like I could handle it. but enough about the past, after a string of multiple things happening in this server including multiple people I respected getting removed, the constant removal and nerfs of marines. and an overall general decline of the overall server. I think I am done with CM, sure i may pop up once in a blue moon, or if an event that interests me pops up. but im done otherwise, no more applications, no more sucking up to the staff who have screwed me over many times in the past. if you want me, ill be in the PVE server or neroid sector.

some hounorable mentions.

John Jackson, one of the many people who I brought to CM, he was the original. he has moved up substantially in this server and I’m proud that he was able to do what I was never even close to even attempting.

Landon Dupont- another person i brought into CM, they are one of the few people who has allways had my back in any issues i had in the server. we went through a lot together and I wish him well in the future.

Emily james- this one… im not sure how to say this, we WERE friends, but they stabbed me in the back and have hidden themselves as much as possible from me, I wish them well in life and hope they can get out of the tough situation they are in IRL (if what they said was true. for all i know that was BS as well) Edit: it was.

and finally, all the people who treated me as equal, the one who didn’t immediately threaten to kill me or insult me throughout the match. there are many of you, i may not remember ALL of your names right now, but I remember each act of kindness from all of you, and I wish you all the best in this game.

overall, this server no longer is the CM I discovered almost 2 years ago. I wish it hadn’t come to this, but CM just no longer feels worth it to play anymore, its mentally exhausting due to many factors and frankly, the community didn’t help. maybe someday I will return but that is unlikely. I’m probably going to be completely overlooked, or not missed in the slightest. but frankly I don’t care, I said my side of the story. take it how you will.
This is Skullface signing off, I wish it didnt have to be this way.


let me clarify, if your reading this Emily, please reach out when your ready to talk. I wish we didn’t end our friendship the way we did. turns out they are a POS that gets a kick out of mentally manipulating them and then throwing them out like trash, I had my suspicions but I’m glad someone came forwards to confirm that they had done it to other people as well.

NO FUCKING WAY. YOU’RE LEAVING TOO??? It truly is joever :sob:


bro my last post and ares just sends me this

finally cm but good

Now that you’re about to leave, admemes promote you to whatever to make you not spread anti-CM-drama

A great man coms to his demise. See you next week cheng.

See you next week.

Emily took the kids, see you next week

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See you next week.

Chris I am sad to see you go. I was always happy to see you around because I knew that no matter what role you were in, you’d do it well and we’d all be better for it. Go rest and I hope you find a place and community that truly makes you happy.

its been a honor mr skullface man

-john kilgore

I have been informed that some of my suspicions about Emily were correct, and frankly. I don’t care if they contact me or not, frankly one day you will get what is coming. call it how you want, karma, Devine justice, whatever it is, I hope you change your ways before your past catches up with you. people can joke and meme about this response all they want. I wont care, but please. do not trust them, they are not your friend, they are most likely using you for their own sick game. that is all i will say on this, and hopefully i can put this post to rest.

these hoes aint loyal chris thats rule 1 of the sigma grindset

the hell did emily do?

ill tell a long story short, they came to me one day on discord, we had been friends for around a year. they claimed they were going somewhere, couldnt tell me where, and that it may be the last time they would ever talk to me.

I, being a concerned friend, pry them for info as much as i can, no luck. they eventually say that they will either see me in a week, or never again.
fast forwards a week or 2, a friend of mine spots them in a recent clip of a round of SS13, I at first am confused. maybe someone was using her character, then I checked the server list and saw it was their account, i get online, confront her OOC, she says “its a long story, i lost my discord and ill tell you about what happened after the round” so I wait, then see they talking in LRC, so i try DMing them, blocked… try it on steam… also blocked, try contacting them everywhere, every place we were friends I am blocked, at this point i have 2 options, 1, someone got access to her account and was using it and had blocked all her old friends. or 2… the option i have told you all now, and with some people coming forwards about what they had done wasn’t a one off thing. I am confident when I say that Emily James. AKA Sam AKA HIDgamer. is a manipulative and uncaring person who will use lies and other tactics to get you to be their friend, then disappear from you when they get bored of you. please do not fall for their tricks like I have. and if your reading this HIDgamer, I hope you eventually grow out of this habit and apologize to those you have hurt. if anyone else has questions feel free to reach out over discord @thot_slayer_

that’s all lads.

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damn really? Never knew.

actual deranged schizo forum post

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