Eggmorphers, the Egg Morphining - A new purpose for Carriers

In the Aliens canon how Aliens make more eggs when needed is FROM people, to change the sprite of the egg-morpher to a fucked up human amalgam would give a reason for perma human bodies to be taken away from the Xeno forces, because they could be made into an eggmorpher, not like one in the hive, but like a PROPER eggmorpher, where you are becoming the eggs.

Mechanically 1 perma body can be turned into an egg morpher by a carrier (a fucked up version of a human sprite) that creates like 2 or 3 huggers. Only drones, hiveladies and carriers can move perma-ed corpses and only carriers can actually make them these.

It’d further the mental image that the Aliens cannot be the good guys, and has the body horror aspect of finding your former friend “Peter Johnson” turned into a fucked up hugger source and having to break it apart.

When broken apart it drops their like, helmet and information tags, the body disintegrates

EDIT: oh yeah also it’s cooler for the marine side than breaching hive and other areas only to have morphers that have just deleted your fellow comrades, kinda anti RP etc - remnants are what make it more fucked up


Excellent idea. Would be interesting if implemented.

this is really interesting, way better than the current eggmorpher system. dunno how hard it’d be to implement though.