Eggsac Carrier Revival

This is a copy from the PR on github for those who don’t use it. I have taken some feedback into account from a few people who have weighed in on the matter and come up with this concept.

About the pull request

The concept of this PR is to find a middle ground between the current eggsac carrier and the pre #4459 eggsac carrier.

This PR will make the following changes. (From this point “normal weeds” can be substituted for “off hive weeds” Placing eggs on hive weeds is unchanged.)

  • Eggsac carrier can once again place eggs on normal weeds.
  • Eggsac carrier can only place 4 eggs at once on normal weeds.
  • If the Eggsac places more than 4 eggs on normal weeds, their oldest placed egg will die. No hugger release.
  • Eggs placed on normal weeds have a maximum lifetime of 5 MINUTES after which they will die. No hugger release.
  • Eggs placed on normal weeds have a 1 MINUTE life whilst the carrier is further than 14 tiles away from them.
  • If the carrier dies, all of their sustained eggs die.

Explain why it’s good for the game

Eggsac carrier at the moment is in a bit of a poor place and has gone from being very strong to quite poor. Considering the limitation of having to place only on hive weeds.
The majority of feedback I read against eggsac carrier was with the quantity of eggs able to be placed, as well as the locations they can be placed in, all across the map and with impunity.

This PR aims to address those concerns to make the eggsac both less infuriating to play against while still being satisfying to play as a frontline support or as a stealthy trapper.

Eggs can no longer be placed all over the map because of the 4 egg limit off weeds, so the carrier has to think where they want to impact the map. The carrier also has to stay within a reasonable distance to where they are impacting with their eggs which localises their impact to their immediate play area. The carrier also has to be more reactive to current events as they cannot place an egg which then becomes useful 30 minutes later.

Killing the carrier also has a small reward as in addition to removing a xeno from the game, the eggs they are sustaining are cleared. If a carrier is supporting the front and dies, the marines don’t then have to clear X number of eggs AFTER the kill.


I be honest. This feels half way there.In what i read about the test merge with a bit ago one of the big problems was that you where abel to palce eggs under tabels and such. Not being abel to place them on weeds. Because normal carrier can already palce hugger trapps everywhere on normal weeds. Just that egg sac can make its own huggers for traps. But the cap on eggs off weed isnt a bad idea. Maybe just get rid of placing them under tabels and add a cap without timer. Like 8 eggs, so about half your capacity. The timer is just too much of a nerf. Espacially with only 4 eggs.

I think the problem with eggsac isn’t arbitrary restrictions on eggs or not, but rather the lack of indicator when an egg is behind a resin door that a warrior is camping, people don’t complain about eggs near clusters because they can tell there’s a chance those are there, so they counter it.
Might want to disable eggs in vehicles, that was another issue the last PR had.

If you want this PR’ed you gotta bring back groundside larva removal surgery on normal roller beds. Or either remove the long stun when you get hugged.

You can just make eggs work like hugger traps when off hive weeds. So no auto-aim huggers and so on.