End of Round Stats for Revivals

There are certain medics who will go out of their way to let people die, steal patients, et cetera so they can farm defibs for the end of round stat… perhaps this should be reworked or made against the rules.


I medic a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen. If it is you should just ahelp.


What @Anuv said, if you think someone is intentionally letting people die to farm defibrillations, please ahelp it. No sane Corpsmen would allow a patient to die just to revive them for a magic OCC tally.

I have to second Anuv here. Never have I ever seen a medic try to steal patients or even intentionally let a patient die. It’s not even worth the reward anyways. Few people legitimately care for the most revives category. It’s all about the most kills and most damage taken.

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I’m going to go ahead and say here this probably doesn’t happen.

What we do have is a bunch of mentally challenged medics reviving DNR people most of the time leaving the afk trooper there for them to end up getting kidnapped by a lucky runner.

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As a person who does revive DNRs, allow me to defend myself.

Most DNRs will not wake up once they are revived. But most is not ALL. I’ve been in situations where I had to leave the game temporarily (usually because my game crashed) while dead but revvable, leaving me in DNR and causing medics to neglect to revive me, which never ceases to annoy the absolute hell out of me. It is for this reason I choose to revive DNRs as long as it is convenient to do so. And when I do revive DNRs, I always make sure to put them in cryo not long after or keep them in a safe place at the FOB.

It is happening and quite a lot. I saw medics stealing patients from each others, or just landing a defib while original medic still applying meds. I’ve seen some medics waiting for crit patients to die, and while I cannot prove they did that intentionally, the reason to do this is quite obvious. I personally got heartbroken one round because medics just kept letting me die instead of treating me while I am in crit. Again, the intent is hard to prove, it can be just baldness or other reasons, but the fact that some medics aiming to get into fun facts is real.

We got rid of end of the round statistics because they affected the game negatively, people cared about the stats too much. Now it’s the same situation, just on a smaller scale.

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I’ve never seen anyone blatantly letting people die to defib them and it’s difficult to prove that, but medics dragging patients from you / running over to defib the greenline corpse you’re just finishing medding does happen often enough to be an annoyance.

There’s a specific medic at the moment who is consistently on the end of round stats for revivals, and is also coincidentally the same one I’ve had this from a few times in the past week.

It’s obviously different if the corpse has gone yellow/about to perm, teamwork makes sense there.


I let you cook. Now, hear me out.

Stop, reviving, DNR, troops.

Even if and we’ll be ultra liberal with our math here three out ten come back. That’s seven defib charges you’ve wasted and had to resupply for instead of actually doing your job and helping people fighting still playing. It only gets worse when we keep in mind the three out of ten is generous best case.

As much as I understand you want to help. I think you should also keep in mind in doing so you’re not only wasting your time and your teams time. But you’re also setting a very stupid example to newbie medics some of which might not be as careful or meticulous regarding it and I say this again for clarities sake.

Medics in general who revive DNR troops will leave them more or less where they revive them or throw behind a single layer of cades. Just this weekend in a round I hopped on I watched a pile of five bodies that I started taking back to the FOB as Malcolm only to come after one rotation big red to the cade line being broken and there only being one remaining.

Or you know like I saw earlier today where someone was escorting back a DNR soldier and an actual revivable then got lurkernapped. Because the medic decided to a big risk running a corpse through the backlines and well it didn’t pan out. I did revive the non DNR guy for them, though.

So, I understand that you want to help and part of me does respect that. But it’s not a lot of help in comparison to the harm this overall practice does. Not even all people who do it exactly wake up and decide to leave people but they do waste time on someone not coming back and then get overwhelmed by actual people who need their help.

To wrap it back to my first bit.

Stop, reviving, DNR, people. Even if you have noble intentions you’re actively playing a part in hurting your team with very little payout.

off topic but reviving DNR people is just a waste, no one is going to drag them all the way back to the FOB so at best, they just sit around SSD all round, at worst you gift a free cap to whichever runner runs past.

Considering DNR literally means do not resuscitate, I’d personally just make it you can not revive someone who is DNR at all.

I personally am fine with wasting the defib charges since I carry 2 defibs with me, so that’s 30 charges. I usually don’t have a problem with running out of charges in combat, even with the DNRs revived. Moreover, I understand that this takes away attention from people who actually need my help, and that’s why I clarified that I only do it when it’s convenient, AKA when the DNR is the only one who needs treatment, I have a surplus of medical supplies, and it’s not too much effort to get them to a safe place.

However, I will agree that this sets a bad example to newbie medics, and I never really thought about that. It’s for that reason that I will stop reviving DNRs. Thank you, because I didn’t realize that I was harming newbies in that sense.

(Also, you play Malcolm? I love your character.)

This is a terrible skill issue if it seems to you that I’m coming up and defibing just to gain statistics. Half of the doctors don’t understand what to do at all, and I often work at the front or pick up corpses right after they have died. There are many factors, for example - I like to run around and shoot xenomorphs myself, plus value the time while the Marine is dead, they cannot play the game. Also, if the front is collapsing, I prefer to defib a few and heal them minimally, because it’s much better when everyone is dead. I also have a surgical case for IB with me, which I do with every person I come across.

Different things happened in different rounds - there was one newbie medic who, seeing me nearby, threw a corpse at me and said “take care of him.” In another round, I just see one medic trying to revive one corpse and he is almost perma (he tried to heal 200 damage marine for 3-4 minutes). Plus, I often play very risky and can treat a patient almost right in the ravager’s face. There are many things, but if you saw how I play, you would understand that for corpsman filling 20-25 revives is not spam with defib, but a skill issue of other doctors. By the way, thanks to Steelpoint for the guide.

You should ignore a DNR RFN but you should absolutely revive a DNR spec/IO/engineer so they can get cryo’d and open up an important slot.


Oh I don’t think anyone is saying not to do that. That is freaking essential to a marine major right there.

it’s possible that some medic or doctor farm revive from the end of round stat highlight…
and most that do it do it intelligently without causing any real grief for patients…(atleast i hope)
anyway if they do ahelp every time you think they do and
if it become a problem it will be deal with removing the stat if it’s really needed…

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Correct take.

I don’t think I’ve noticed intentionally shit medics. I’ve seen medics repeatedly revive people that keep dying because they basically have no organs, or are OD’d? But you have to keep reseting their timer to get them to a doc or dialysis, or NW. That’s the only circumstance I’d think of that would be farming Revivals.

Reviving people that aren’t initially your patient? I don’t think this should be discouraged, helping other medics generally speeds most things along, and the initial medic can just tell them to bugger off.

If anyone is actually trying to fuck up patients just so they have their name in a line with a number, that’s pretty sad. But then again this is SS13 so I can totally believe somone is doing it.

The only thing that annoys me with this end of the round stat is that now sometimes medics are hostile if you start defibbing “their” patient to expedite the process.

Someone can be fully kitted, getting pilled by the same medic, ready for revival, but god forbid you spend a defib charge.


Medics are always getting mad because “YOU’RE TOUCHING MUH PATIENT!!!”

Like, why would you even care. I’m using my kits, my splints, my epi and conserving your shit.

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because too many times you get some other Corpsman who proceeds to administer random drugs and do weird stuff to the patient

next thing you know, the pt has 45 units of Tramadol and their magnetic harness is missing from their shotgun