event idea: the fiorina riot

what if we had an event which was the timeline of events in fiorina before we see it?

initially the prisoners would all be in their cells, but something would demand the attention of the guards (fighting in some part of the map maybe) and the prisoners would break out, being given makeshift weapons and then stealing weapons outside of their cells.

later in the round, scavengers would be spawned on the scavenger ship (which from this point is blocked off by fiberbrush)

then maybe if we wanted it to be a very long round we could also spawn xenos

Swap the scavengers for xenos and you’ve got yourself a winner. After all, we’re meant to be setting up the scenario for a Distress Call scenario before the ALMAYER arrives. Got to have the Xenos arrive via the scavengers ship.

Or perhaps have all the xenos as lurkers, taking out the guards and roaming prisoners one by one which leads to the riot as the prisoners want to get off the station.

if you look at how the maps laid out you can see the xenos likely came from the ice blocks in the medical and research part of the map.

for guard reinforcements you could have the ua peacekeepers spawn at lz1

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I thought we were talking about the Fiorina Prison, not the Fiorina Science Annex.

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well they used the term “scavenger ship” where as on the original it was “unidentified vessel”

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Fiorina Science Annex is not setup to be a prison, the scenario would have to be different there.

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an event for what happens on the ground before the distress signal would be interesting, like it plays out as the xenos break containment and massacre everyone, and the goal is to send a signal somehow

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i thought it was established that the renault was a scavenger ship

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i think that the factions should probably be balanced at the start without reinforcements, and then whoever wins can have a little help to fight xenos

scavengers should probably be minor antagonists trying to steal shit without getting themselves in trouble, with the sentries their ship is basically a safe spot for them (assuming they dont get full on raided)

i thought that there’s literally a prisoner gang who rioted and killed most of the guards (unbursted guard bodies)

It’s a very small area of an otherwise very large map. For starters I doubt there are even enough cells for all the players who want to be prisoners.

And what would we do with the other areas?

I believe the prison riot idea is best helped with the Fiorina Cellblocks map which is no longer in use. (Yard always became a graveyard for marines which is easily surrounded) This will make it easier for prisoners to organize into their own little gangs with territory or whatever the users end up doing before things really go to shit with the xenos.

thanks very much for this this looks great