Faxes not receiving a response, general CL gameplay and the damage it does the the RP

This post is about how faxes are almost never responded to, how Corporate Liaisons have almost no gameplay role, the missed RP opportunities and how this leads to boring gameplay opportunities for the liaisons, leading to them just ruining the game for many other people due to self-antaging.

The Liaison is an RP role that I’ve seen many people in the role actually take seriously, and many people within the game give a modicum of respect towards - at least in regards to the RP standard. This is completely undermined by having 99% of faxes sent through, (Not just mine - Many people I’ve talked to have said the same) going completely unanswered, nor any (extremely minor) events crop up during the round.

I’ve seen plenty of liaisons, out of boredom, just start self-antaging by doing things like:
-Bugging CIC/Brig. This is something I feel is only justified by extreme measures because what reasonable civilian, even one working for the company, would do that to a military vessel in an active military situation?
-deploying to FOB and not turning on help intent. This is something that is harmful to the operations and absolutely infuriating to the marines -But you’re not gonna let the marines push you around, are you?
-One that just started kidnapping marines and survivors (As far as I’m aware it was in some cases agreed upon in LOOC, but it’s still against the general idea that the liaison wants the USCM to succeed)
-Just being a general pain the ass for no reason
-Worst of all - Being pushed around and generally disrespected by marines, with almost nothing but their own robustness to stop it.

Ideally it’s not just of the CL’s benefit and fun. CL admin approved shenanigans ideally involve command, MPs, people called in via admin intervention, departments of the Almayer and whoever else decides to tag along. This brings along plenty of RP opportunities to all the people involved and leads to plenty of fun stories to be had.

This might get in the way of the LRP TDM game, but that’s for groundside to deal with.

This ones pretty funny. Particularly when you forget that the company intentionally sent underequipped marines to a colony in an attempt to acquire a bug.

If Weyland Yutani is willing to kill people to hide secrets, or willing to have a synthetic wake up from cryo and intentionally impregnate Ripley, you dont think theyd do something as simple as sticking a radio transmittor in CIC? Its actually one of the most benign things they can do.


CM is, and has been, on a downward slope to pure TDM for a goodly while. chew the scenery as CL, waste as much people’s other time as you can because manpower calculation says 1x2-10 is a very good deal.


I think he meant harassing CIC not planting listening devices.

I have had some fun with the former. I once spent an entire round on synthetic proofreading and arguing semantics and clauses with the CL after CO told me to “get him and his papers away from me”

Never seen the latter

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I’m pretty sure the staff has better things to do than entertain one CL player. You are kinda supposed to find your own fun, and not force others (staff) to create entertainment for you. Even less TDM-oriented servers I’ve played on that have faxes or equivalents very rarely have admins answer faxes.

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I have a prefab setup that will allow a player to stand-in as staff for W-Y faxes. Most rounds I’m online I’m happy to put competent people in if they ask, circumstances allowing. It has led to some nice RP the times I have used it before.
I’d be happy for it to be a role people can play as in general but it would require the code setup & rules/guidelines to go with it.

You could honestly just bundle this together with the “spystation” some people had as an idea. Because I will absolutely channel my Daniel from Corporate relations to annoy the CO to let the CL go.


I definitely think that CL faxes have been getting responded to less and less over the years, even just with fun responses like “sending you something will arrive in 30 days”. Probably the biggest counter I can think of is that the people who “do” something with those faxes and make things happen are all random staff. They might be dealing with tons of reports or don’t see the Liaison’s faxes as “their department” or even scared to do something with them because they might get a staff complaint or talking to from a superior admin. At the end of the day they’re volunteers and maybe just can’t be bothered responding. Not entirely sure if there even is a solution except maybe hire more staff that are wanting to get involved in this sort of thing/roleplay events.


All staff are encouraged to engage with faxes, unfortunately as you’ve said it’s often just that those available get bogged down handling other situations or are playing in the round themselves which takes their focus over faxes. I have some bits I’m working on currently, but potentially in the future if I have the time I’ll look at making the role I mentioned above

True brother.

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Oh jeez, how do I use forums and BB-code. It’s been too long.

I assume you’re talking about a certain unaffiliated Disney IP, which I haven’t watched in a very long time.

I see your point, I’m just working off what I see as reasonable actions. I just see it as them opening themselves up to something like sabotage or sedition, for very little benefit - Which, fair, they’re always toeing the line. CL is free at any point to just walk into CIC to listen to the local chatter, on top of having access to all frequencies except for the security (MP) one.

I did indeed just mean planting a listening device in it. I’m all for the corporate liaison wasting the time of CIC as much as possible IC, with a conceivable reason. They’re a bureaucrat, after all. Generally when it comes to annoying the CIC staff, they’ll back off after being told CIC is too busy to deal with them.

It could just be the times that I play, but I’ve seen the CL plant a listening device in CIC quite a few times. I’ve also hauled the CL off to brig as MP a couple, or was given a WY frequency and was able to hear the listening device.

I remember reading about that somewhere, but it had slipped my mind. I’ll have to pester you about it next time I see you in-game, as that’s something that sounds quite fun.

This is an illiterate bot.

Actually liaisons do not have default access to squad comms any more. That was taken away. They have to spend their briefcase points to print keys for the squads they want.

Edited because I quoted the wrong thing.

Alright, now I have time to reply in depth.

This is sadly true.

Over the last few years it seems as though more and more RP hooks are removed from the liaison role. Here are a few examples:

  • The removal of access to default squad comms as I mentioned in my previous post.

  • The removal of the liaison’s booze-o-mat. I never used the damn thing but it gave MTs/mess techs a reason to trade for it/break into my office.

  • The removal of access to Almayer’s camera network from the liaison’s camera terminal.

  • The removal of the ability to print research grants/give clearance upgrades to Research. Now liaisons have no ability to influence (reason to interact with) the Research Department.

  • The removal of a liaison’s access to the shuttle cockpit. At one point I went on dropship rides with POs as a co-pilot.

  • Removal of a liaison’s access to ARES. Under the old ship design it led to a LOT of RP scenarios for me.

Some love for the role from the dev side of things would fix the self-antagging (otherwise known as boredom) you mentioned. I have some ideas but someone would have to code them.


What’s that? Flag on the field. Looks like the OP engaged in name calling over discussing or addressing the points made. Thats going to cost him quite a bit in the long run. After that foul this is gonna run off into a “Skill Issue Setback” and really put him behind scoring points on the sentiment board.

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The typical CIC staff excluding CO players (Who most seem to have it out for the CL, reducing the Roleplay as a whole to a simple “Screw the Company”) or the survivors who nowadays just redeploy right after being granted IFF and don’t even bother going to the CL reduce the Roleplay level as a whole. The Liaison needs someone/something to use to bounce of off to Roleplay the Company Man effectively, I feel. Like responses to faxes, hiring marines, survivor debriefs. If nobody talks to the guy then he has nothing else to do BUT “self-antag” by deploying or bugging CIC.

Speaking from personal experience I have around 80 hours as CL, I unlocked the Sr. Exec. title and I virtually stopped faxxing admins right after I hit the Exec. title. I was faxxing 1-3 faxes per round as a Junior and I recieved replies to 1 in every 20 rounds or so. There’s no motivation to keep writing faxes or staying shipside when virtually everyone in CIC hate you. The Marines hate you. You can’t assist any Department apart from words of encouragement and printing cash. And the lack of replies which is a given.


As a fairly new-comer to CM i was incredibly surprised at the lack of interaction the CL can have. They can print thousands of dollars, but cant pay for a single pallet of supplies? They represent the company at an executive level, but cant facilitate anything short of admin interaction or roleplay-grease?
I have an entire character loaded up, but the more I look at how people engage with CLs, no matter the gimmick, kinda leaves me wanting something more.


Do what I do when faxing - immediately on wake-up, have a copy paste fax you send. If you get a response, great, if not, no biggie. I do this for most of my rounds.

Occasionally I will fax important things, such as corrupt MP, me getting killed or having an attempt on my life made. One time, I faxed about weird things coming from the ASRS, including a skinned corpse, and got this response. My favorite fax to-date:

From Shadows Unknown

After a few minutes, everything on it disappeared and was “strangely empty”.


Why not make a whole new whitelist, that players can toggle in the menu to receive faxes, obviously this will be capped at the amount of departments there are, example being finance department, would be overseen by admins+. I also doubt they’d be many player reports on them.

Currently I have given up on writing piles of faxes highly detailed just because I get no reply. Why would someone write so nicely all for it to get ignored maybe read by ghosts but then forgotten by them after they get revived.

Just let mentors answer faxes, they don’t do anything useful anyway


Firstly, its important to understand who can do what with CL faxes.

Moderators can reply to faxes, but they can virtually do nothing beyond that. We don’t have the tools to spawn a pen into the game let alone anything important, and we need auth to spawn ERTs or anything that could impact the round. SMods, I don’t know what tools they get but they also need auth to do anything. Admins can do far more and generally don’t need to wait for auth to do something slightly impactful, but there are fewer admins than mods.

Secondly, as noted above, a lot of the time any staff online are either busy playing the game, or are busy doing staff work and can’t devote time to answering faxes.

Also, answering faxes or interacting with the CL are something we are not obligated to do.

I’m also not in support of allowing mentors to answer faxes. A fax from HC is infallible and can be pointed to as permission to literally break server rules if you are given instructions to do so. The moment the validity of a fax is put into question because it may have been a mentor who sent it, the faxes lose a lot of their meaning.

I can sympathize with any changes that reduce RP options for CL players, but even back in 2017 it was expected that a CL should never expect staff to interact with them at all, the same rings true today.