Field EMT Kit for medics

I’d like to see medics get the ability to designate a squad member as a field nurse/emt… specific name suggestions are welcome. It would function bit like the sniper’s spotter kit, giving the designated rifleman a new icon. (proposing a thin white plus sign similar to the the medics). This would be good for the game because it would make it clear to the rest of the players who they can go to for medicine once the medics are backed up with people who need revives. Non-medic medic work is currently quite inconvenient because people don’t know what you’re doing and just run away. I’ve gotta admit that I don’t actually know how the spotter kit works because I haven’t used that particular item… so I’m kinda basing this on assumptions from seeing the spotter in game. I think having it be kit based will be better than adding it as a distinct role because the powers that be dislike rolebloat, and this would minimize character skill balancing issues/new items for the class.

Edit: also this is Zahn Vitrez, I don’t understand forums and didn’t put my name on the thing yet.

Edit 2: because slowmode, I would WELCOME the ability for them to open bottles, but I fear that’d be a little bit too powerful, someone else I was talking to suggested giving them fireman carry. I intended to make it as weak as possible and just a visual indicator for troops on the ground to figure out who -else- can med them as opposed to something that causes mechanical gameplay changes. 1 per medic is a balance issue if it’s something that makes the character better or has special gear, but if it’s just an option for someone who wants to throw medkits in a satchel, having a high number will be fine, but -not- having all of them won’t feel like you’re shooting your team in the foot. (or one per squad would be fine, I don’t want it to feel like a necessary pick, and having actually improved medical capabilities would do that)
Edit 3: shit I’d settle for a sensormate toggle to just put on a diet medic icon if I want.



So diet medics.

Will they be given the skill to open pill bottles? Any marine with an auto injector pouch can already do this.

In terms of making it unique, perhaps a little bottle pouch that would fit on the side pockets could come in their kit, similar to the lifesaver bag that medics carry on their belt. Also, in no way should every corpsman be allowed to buy one and suddenly we have just as many field EMTs as medics, it should be capped to one-two per squad depending on pop.

We had this before we called it mini medic.

The reality of what this idea does.

Pfcs who get the kit use it for free gear and medical supplies.

I do miss the 3-4 pfcs we had who’d actually act like paramedics but by and large 99 percent of people who took the kit just wanted injectors.


If people wanna help medics, bring your own medicines instead of calling medic over a simple bleeding.

We don’t allow this due to OD limits, and protagonist syndrome.

The best thing a Rifleman can do to help Corpsmen is to keep a roller bed on standby and try to evacuate crit/dead Marines towards the safety of a Corpsman.

I could see some kind of ‘Paramedic’ kit that a PFC can buy that provides some tools for this (2 or so Rollerbeds, a PFC Medihud, a standard first aid kit, Medic helmet and satchel) but otherwise, as noted by others, giving PFCs some kind of ability to use more advance medical equipment will just result in them hoarding them for themselves.

Well yeah, that’s why the proposal very specifically mentioned not doing that.

The whole point of the proposal is to get an icon for people who are being mini medics and doing so effectively should come at significant cost to other loadout capabilities.
Me mentioning that pill bottle access would be nice, but neither needed, or an intention of the suggestion, i was merely responding to someone else suggesting it do that too.

Listen broski. We had that before. They were limited to only using injectors primarily, so they wouldn’t carry around a massive stockpile of meds.

What it led to was it being the most massively taken kit with 99 percent of the people just opting not to take 3/4’s of it in favor of getting a med hud and the auto-injector pouch.

Giving PFCs more accessible access to more medication is something they’ll do and min-max away. We’ve been down this road before. In fact, because people won’t stop trying to make power gamer builds to get out of going to a medic, the dev team has taken multiple steps to reduce the accessibility.

To make it clear here. It’s not that your idea isn’t excellent. But we’ve had your idea before, and we know from history it doesn’t really work out.


I never suggested more meds, i just want the ability for people to show other marines they are trying to do medical work without having to scream at them to sit still because I don’t have a plus sign.
Edit: I don’t know why this keeps circling back to ‘more meds bad’ when that is not the proposal.

Medical pamphlet used to be a thing but was removed alongside the mini medic kit. If I remember correctly all it did was let you instantly use injectors instead of having the windup. I would use it with dex+ to use on crit people since you can’t really OD people on that and it takes forever to scan even with the pamphlet.

Add a medical armband as an accessory or put it in medic prep so it can be handed out.

You could also play medic since there’s usually quite a few open slots every round. I’ve got a nice medic load out that can do everything a medic needs to, and still fight like a PFC. Hit me up on discord if you want it.

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Why not simply play as a medic if you want to be more involved in medic duties? There’s generally corpsman slots open at least mid-way through a round. If you’re just wanting to be known as a medic, get yourself a medic satchel or backpack from medical and then you’ll have a nice plus sign on your center torso.

I don’t think we need non-medic medics for when medics are too busy being medics that they can’t be medics for people that need medics. Attrition and strain on the marines are sort of a cornerstone of what passes for balance at the moment.

I get what you’re getting at with this, but it feels… like too little to really be worthwhile to give them a kit, or… you know. It’s better off just being something a PFC can gear for, and like I said already, you don’t want to basically double the number of medics. The era of mini-medics was kinda ‘meh’ with everyone wanting it to just be more self-reliant riflemen… which is almost certainly what this will turn into - we already see it with a lot of spotter kits just being given to fraggers so they have thermal vision to frag better.


The problem with that is, you can be an actual full medic with full medic gear, and yet when you get made aSL and your icon changes to SL everyone just sees you as an SL and expects you to act like one and gets confused when you try to do medical stuff to them.

Medics should not be made ASL. That rarely happens.

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There’s also a big red cross on your helmet