"Flee to the depths" -- Xeno Analogue for "Withdraw & Deorbit"

The idea:
@kooarbiter brought up a good point in the “Withdraw & De-orbit” thread.

What it Does

  • After 1.5 / 2 hours, the Queen can order a special order that is called “Flee to the Depths”.

  • Once purchased, any xenos that enter a tunnel “Flee” into their tunnels - but do not exit on the surface. Instead, the xenos exit into a “Deep Hive” which the xenos are not permitted to leave.

  • Xenos have 5 minutes to use this escape method before all tunnels are “sealed.”

  • 3-5 minutes are added for both Marines / Xenos to RP / chat at the end of the round.


  • If the Marines are allowed to de-orbit and flee to avoid a crushing and painful defeat, the same should be allowed to the Xenos; it’s only fair and would allow the xenos a chance to avoid a ‘painful’ death of being cornered in their hive as the marines carry out a “steam roll” of the hive.

  • Allows community to “Speed up” round end to avoid a painful and inevitable end.



If I had to choose between the two factions to give a “we give up, you win” option, I wouldn’t give it to the side that is best suited to recovering from losses, because gaining more characters for their side is a hugely present decision they face and each individual can choose to do in their gameloop.

Aka, Xenos capping consistently vs the ever increasing cost and uncertainty of buying cryoungas.

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I don’t understand the point. To me last stands defending the hive are some of the most fun parts of xeno, even if you lose. Much more fun that smacking cades over and over again.

I don’t think one player should be able to deny everyone else the ability to play the game just because that one player feels like giving up and doesn’t want to play anymore.

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Difference is that xenos losing doesn’t force the most boring gameplay possible on the server for 20 minutes. Also marines wouldn’t just say “oh the xenos went down a hole lets leave now” they’d probably throw nukes down into them or something.

But regardless there should be an option for marines to decline to do hijack and just take a xeno major at least until hijack/postgroundside gets some sort of update.

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If they fled into the tunnels marines would have to pursue and go tunnel ratting.

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I don’t like anything that rewards opting out of trying to go all in for the win, This seems like an option where xenos can setup a major camp factory and force a marine push into it with this meta strat like marines do with Nukes, not a gameplay loop I’m a fan of as either side, hate pylon camping as xenos just as much as I hate nuke camping as marine.

The whole point is that it’s an “Option” for the xenos.

They do not have to take it. Just like the Marines do not have to order a 'Withdraw". It would just be an option.

Sometimes a ‘last stand’ is fun.

Sometimes though, … everyone is just like “Fuck this. I’m done. Let’s go” - because they know they’ve lost, they know it’s over, and there is nothing ‘heroic’ about being humiliated - either for the xenos or marines.

i better see some royalties for this!