Fly-by: low altitude manuever

add a new button near cancel for fly-by which chonks 1/5 of your time but sends a message about sonic boom and dropship flying by to everyone on the ground, letting know you’re in the air. Supposedly going to be useful when comms are down.

Other downside: Xenos can also hear it.

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So essentially, you trade time you could spend killing benos for a cool sound effect and not needing to use your phone? I guess this would be nothing but a nooptrap.

Allow me to jump into the dropship as xenomorph and kill the pilot if it’s flying low.
It happened in the movie


Erm it was landed when the xeno climbed on sweetie


Don’t forget causing it to crash and strand marines planetside.

Aha but we prepared for this!
pulls second dropship out of his sleeve

not everyone takes a phone and even less of them are JTAC spotters

Aha but we prepared for this as well
Second Xeno climbs onboard and crashes it into Reactors

Not taking a phone as RTO is a skill issue?


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