Forums aren't welcoming and are as rigid as gameplay.

Do none of you admins think its sorta pointless to run a Forums for people to engage with the game and then just remove ever single post on every single topic that isn’t one of your 100 admins commenting? If the post is on the topic and not insulting I think its just ego tripping from admins who hate disagreed with. Half of your admins have worse conduct than a lot of players too and are on par with people like me.


I’m sorry, what post prompted this response?

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There have been quite a few gameplay and feature discussion threads that have been locked by admemes.


I’m not saying you’re wrong, but pulling a specific example might help push discussion in a constructive way.

M55D pr discussion?

The 5 tile one. Thanos snapped


Truth. When someone made a post discussing ballance in acid goop -so it doesnt get removed- the fucking host immidiately jumped at the chance to reply with “cope” very unprofessional :joy:

I’ve never seen a server owner act like this in other servers.


Also like that a post about the state of the Forums, is prompted with an Admin immediately trying to shut it down, someone supporting that happens and then you ask for proof, I don’t need to because we all know it happens but for the sake of argument, I gave a tiny bit of imput on something I saw ingame and it was removed for peanut posting, If i’m in the round, saw the thing happen, and can give my two cents its not peanut posting. I don’t even think I deserve good interaction because I’m always getting banned but when I look at the reports etc, or try engage its all removed even the valid ones, you ask people to do more than TDM but then they can’t speak on discord. Hate to quote the meme but its 1984 here, 1984 discord and I don’t even mean in terms of gamer words. Just no talk whatsoever.

Also, saw your leaving post, hope your back always had good times playing with you but I 100% get the burnt out wanting to leave mentality.

If you see my response to your post as, “an Admin immediately trying to shut it down,” then I don’t know what to say to you. I was trying to seriously engage with a topic you presented, and give your concern the attention I thought it deserved.

It wasn’t actually you I meant, can see how it came across that way but it was more about me witnessing parts of a round that were reported on, and I gave exactly what I saw to try and be helpful to the situation, and that’s peanut posting? If, I just wrote something like, LMAO YOU DIED BOZO, id get it. I’m trying to point out things for players and admins sake both. And they get deleted. Just don’t see the point in trying to engage, I get told I’m an LRP player but every single attempt to talk on here, or discord has the 1984 mentality, tried to report HC breakage and admin @ me then ban me from discord which I use to get on Forums. Can’t even give feedback on situations im on screen for.

Alright, I understand. So I’ve gone through some of the comments of yours which were flagged and removed by various staff members. I get that it can be frustrating to have your commentary removed, because you’re only trying to help. However, regarding player reports, your comments were removed because while you may have offered some objective information, a lot of what you commented was your opinion on matters.

Player are permitted to comment as witnesses to events to provide concrete information, not speculation or opinions on matters. You’ll notice that even the log-pulling staff member passes no judgement, they simply provide an objective recounting of the event. The only person permitted to pass judgement on player reports is the processing admin or manager. Player reports are a particular location on the forums where, if not carefully regulated, could lead to behavior which hurts people and their sense of belonging in the community.

If you feel as though your voice is being silenced, let me be the first to apologize for your feeling that way. You are always welcome to reach out to me on discord or through messages here on the forums, and I will always reply. However, there are certain policies associated with sections of the forums (such as PR feedback as previously mentioned), and when those policies are transgressed, posts and comments are removed. I believe our staff team is wholly interested in the wellbeing of the community, and I hope that you can see them in the same light someday.

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So, I totally agree with you that as admin, closing topics just because you don’t agree with them isn’t necessary (like some of the PR feedback threads that are in the wrong forum cause admins don’t want you to post feedback), but can you discuss this like a normal person instead of shouting 1984, verbally attacking admins and flooding other threads with agressive posts?

In many ways I agree with most of what you said, but when I try to find the Pred council on discord just for the “possible” offender either MisterMoon or Moonshanks was the pred griefed my and as soon as I express interested in the report Moonshanks @s me then when says “YOUR HARRASSSING ME” after starting the conversation out of nowhere and bans me from discord and forums, yeah I’m gonna break out the overused 1984. What do I do in that scenario? Also just a little reminder, admins aren’t infallible, they can be petty and abuse their power. Most CM admins ive dealt with were great, some just play this game to vibe on discord and ban people.

As with all cases, if you feel a staff member is acting outside of their authority you should make a staff report or message their manager directly on discord or the forums: Clairion for moderators or Taketheshot for admin. Those two staff members are irreproachably professional, and will take legitimate acts of abuse very seriously.

Sad thing is I actually don’t want people banned just don’t think people who ban people who are looking to report them should have any sort of power over others. I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not doubting they are professional but Ive also been through the “if you don’t report it nothing will happen” ringer quite a few times and nothing happened, thanks for letting me vent, sick of bad admins.

So you pretty much don’t want to get the powertripping admins in trouble and at the same time create aggresive threads on how bad and unfair and whatever admins are? If you get unfairly treated by admins pretty much report them and don’t cry about how nothing happened after you did not.

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Bro just wanted to vent. This is not his unabomber manifesto lmao.


Dude, make a thread called forums aren’t welcoming. Explain you got banned for trying to report. Get told to go away and that I didn’t try report. Looks like they don’t even read on CM forums. If I wanted to go petty I’d get pbanned instantly for the truth.


They also further nerfed the 56D, cutting out the higher RoF burst fire and solidly putting it in the realm of useless gimmick gun.

Can we give feedback on that? No. It’s solidly going into the trash bin if you disagree.