FT callsigns for individual marines (squad)(FT number)(individual number)

I have seen in other shooters say Call of Duty where in their missions there is say a platoon of soldiers with a callsign say bravo and each soldier gets a number made by the fireteams number and their own number depending on their rank. Say Bravo fireteam 2 lead has a callsign Bravo 2-1. It would certainly aid communication by enabling the higher ranks like SOs XOs and COs to call specific marines by their callsign instead from their whole name. It would not only be convenient but also more realistic and cool RP wise.

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You can just do this. Why does it need code?

Just ask CIC to rename your ID To A-01 or something.

Yeah me and Redder have done this shit a bunch of times, we have text chat, this is a thing you can do. I’ll also refer to SLs by ___ Actual as CO

You can have it code in but if the players behind it don’t care, what’s the point.

I’d say it’d be nice for what little RP value it represents. Being some number to an SL sounds fun. Who needs names anyway. "2-13, 2-7 and 2-8 You’re on comms. " Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
But it’s not taking away nothing.