Fun Fact Multithread!

I’ll start it off.

FUN FACT: The Queen can open and close resin doors by shift clicking/middle clicking a door while on ovi.

It’s good for helping frontline xenos not get shot at or help close a open door a potential capture is trying to run through to escape.


Damn, I almost have plat queen hours and didn’t know that.
Good tip.

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You can store protein bars on your helmet. I did this a while ago as part of my strategy to carry more ammo. However you can only hold two bars as the third slot for your helmet is reserved for attachments only.

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Another fun fact: You can grab a motion detector (And a M4A1 with attachements in case you are the CL lost your gun) from a room in maintenance near memorial and chapel. Edit: Not motion detector, crew monitor, sorry

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on top of that, you can put CHUNK bars in your helmet (they provide more food then protein bars)


You can pre drag people for buckling to rollerbeds, you can see me doing it in this video:


Alternatively you can preopen containers this way too, drag to self