[Game mode Idea] Survival

Like DS, and WO, but another option to pick from. Just like Surv, but the entire human time is on a planet, Weapons more heavily restricted, or locked behind objectives that the site director/leadership has to complete. Roles would be something like Security, Corporate (Director, CL’s, PMCs), Research and medical. Colonists, engineering, and of course a department for specs and SGs. Could have multiple game modes, like HvH or a survival version of Xenos, where they have to get their caps. Just spit balln’

There was an idea thrown around earlier today - survivor vs xenos game mode on a derelict ship where there’s only T1’s and T2’s hunting people who aren’t as well armed, equipped, or organized as marines.

Yeah that’s exactly what I am suggesting

working on something similiar (its on backlog cause warfan wants an event map) but its solaris and all the door access have been changed to fit the respective departments, armories are loaded with some lethals but mostly riot gear, shutters have been added to armories with buttons that can only used by civilian command and security.

Biggest issue im having right now is trying to figure out how to make comms work as they only spawn in on distress signal (i think) and this would be needing of an extended round gamemode

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