Generalist TL (medical training)

Since the emphasis of the TL changes is that they give up some of their JTAC phone-calling business to have more of a leadership team-player role,

I think they should be trained in medical to give them an all-round support class feel.

new concept: maybe they should be able to replace and fill in the roles of other support classes, but since there’s only 8 of them (at max), they have to decide which issues matter more

basically give TLs medical training the same way SLs have medical training

Tbh, defibs and pill bottles are exactly what matter for medics, IB repair isnt THAT significant. Your idea in fact does make them replace medics

i guess the whole thing about my TL idea is that they do everything but worse than their dedicated role, and defibbing is one of those core things that need doing

idk maybe TL actually should be able to do that stuff as the generalist, but the niche medical things stay in the hands of proper medics, just like they can build cades and do funny comtech stuff

now the idea is that TL can do the necessary functions of all the other support marines, but they can’t do any of the niche business only they can do

e.g. if FOB needs reinforcing, a couple TLs can move there and start cading, but if the front’s being ripped to shreds, the TLs would be able to run over there and start defibbing people

so they have to decide which issue takes precedence and go do that thing

I personally disagree with the idea of making the role generalist.

Afterall they are team leaders, they shouldn’t be bouncing around as realistically they’d be taking a whole team with them wherever they go. I think if anything, give them the orders ability but downgrade it from the SL/SO versions, less time of effect, greater cooldown. Make it so that they can use injectors, maybe pill bottles, but def not defibbing, so that they can support medics rather than being medics themselves. If you have a role that can do all of the stuff a medic can and all of the stuff an engie can, then why go medic or engie?

there’s only two TLs in a squad at any given time, so having them as high priority people might work

(the TLs could have medical training in the same way that the SL has medical training)

Yeah let’s avoid the solo TGMC playstyle stuff. Don’t take away stuff from medics or make engineering even more of a dead role

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I agree with this. Keep things as they are.

Previously RTO (now TL) had SL medical skill and it was… OK? We removed it because people were taking the role to minimedic rather than lead/JTAC (which is still your primary goals as TL). I have considered adding an extra rank of medical skill that allows usage of medevac beds and not instant injectors/etc that TLs would get to really home in on them being able to support via company level assets.